In Hollywood, land of illusion, short guys loom larger after visiting Jimmy Au's For Men 5 foot 8 inches and under, a real store:

Hire a Tailor
Extra fabric makes guys look sloppy. A good fit neatens you up and adds height, says company vice president Alan Au.

Use Small Patterns
Yes, vertical stripes stretch you, but keep them slim. Large patterns or plaids can swallow up a shorter guy.

Anchor Your Look
Shoes do matter. A classic rounded toe is best: avoid square toes, which convey a vaguely stumpy look.

Go with One Color
If your pants and shirt are similar colors, they'll create an elongating silhouette from shoulder to toe.

Pick Slim Lapels
If the jacket is size 40 or smaller, keep the lapel width under 2 and a half inches: your shoulders will appear broader.


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