Born On This Day...

In 1806 Designer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel (first transatlantic steamer)
In 1815 Inventor, Alphonse Beau de Rochas (internal-combustion engine)
In 1821 French poet/critic, Charles Baudelaire (Flowers of Evil)
In 1830 Inventor, Edward Muybridge (study of motion in photography)
In 1863 Sculptor, Henry Hudson Kitson (Minute Men Memorial Shrine)
In 1865 Electrical engineer, Charles Proteus Steinmetz (AC power)
In 1883 Cartoonist, Frank King (Gasoline Alley)
In 1898 Football coach, Earl "Curly" Lambeau (Packers)
In 1898 Actor, Paul Robeson (Show Boat, King Solomon's Mines)
In 1899 Aircraft manufacturer, James McDonnell (McDonnell-Douglas)
In 1899 Concert violinist, Efrem Zimbalist, Sr. [d: 2-22-85]
In 1900 Actor, Allen Jenkins (Officer Dibble-Top Cat) [d: 7-20-74]
In 1903 Actor, Ward Bond, (Major Seth Adams-Wagon Train) [d: 11-5-60]
In 1903 Scientist, Gregory Pincus (oral contraceptive pill) [d: 8-22-67]
In 1908 French artist, Victor Vasarely (originated Op Art) [d: 3-15-97]
In 1916 TV executive, Bill Leonard (co-created 60 Minutes) [d: 10-23-94]
In 1919 Inventor, John Presper Eckert (electronic computer) [d: 6-3-95]
In 1921 Actor/author, Frankie Thomas (Cliff Barbour-One Man's Family) [d: 5-11-06]
In 1926 Playboy founder/publisher, Hugh Hefner [d: 9-27-17]
In 1928 Basketball Hall-of-Famer, Paul Arizin (Philadelphia Warriors) [d: 12-12-06]
In 1928 Composer/pianist, Tom Lehrer (92)
In 1932 TV host/naturalist, Jim Fowler (Wild Kingdom) [d: 5-8-19]
In 1932 Editor/journalist, Paul Krassner (Mad Magazine) [d: 7-21-19]
In 1932 Singer/songwriter, Carl Perkins (Blue Suede Shoes) [d: 1-19-98]
In 1933 French actor, Jean-Paul Belmondo (Casino Royale) (87)
In 1933 Actress, Gian Maria Volont (Fistful of Dollars) [d: 12-6-94]
In 1935 Comedian, Avery Schreiber (My Mother the Car) [d: 1-7-02]
In 1939 Actress, Michael Learned (Waltons, Mary Benjamin-Nurse) (81)
In 1941 Actress, Hannah Gordon (Oh Alfie) (79)
In 1942 Actor, Brandon De Wilde (Jamie, Wild in the Sky) [d: 7-6-72]
In 1946 Singer, Les Gray (Mud) [d: 2-21-04]
In 1948 Singer, Dave "Chico" Ryan (Sha Na Na) [d: 7-26-98]
In 1950 Astronaut, Kenneth D. Cockrell (STS-56) (70)
In 1950 Actor, Nathan Cook (White Shadow, Billy-Hotel) [d: 6-11-88]
In 1953 Country singer/songwriter, Hal Ketchum (67)
In 1954 Actor, Dennis Quaid (The Right Stuff, Wyatt Earp, Dragonheart) (66)
In 1957 Golfer, Seve Ballesteros (Masters-1980, 83) [d: 5-7-11]
In 1959 Country singer, Dave Innis (Restless Heart) (61)
In 1961 Keyboardist, Mark Kelly (Marillion) (59)
In 1964 Sports reporter, Lisa Guerrero (56)
In 1965 Actor, Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural, Being Human, Dexter) (55)
In 1965 Children's author/model, Paulina Porizkova (Sports Illustrated) (55)
In 1966 Actress, Cynthia Nixon (Addams Family Values, Sex and the City) (54)
In 1969 Singer, Kevin Colin Martin (Candlebox) (51)
In 1971 Actor, Austin Peck (Austin Reed-Days Of Our Lives) (49)
In 1974 Adult film actress, Jenna Jameson (46)
In 1977 Singer, Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) (43)
In 1978 Singer, Rachel Stevens (S Club 7) (42)
In 1979 Actress, Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy-The Cosby Show) (41)
In 1980 Actor, Ryan Northcott (Mystery Alaska) (40)
In 1981 Actress, Arlen Escarpeta (Sam Walker-American Dreams) (39)
In 1982 Actor, Jay Baruchel (The Hangover, She's Out of My League) (38)
In 1986 Actress, Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl, The Roommate) (34)
In 1987 Singer, Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate) (33)
In 1987 Singer, Jesse McCartney (Dream Street) (33)
In 1987 Singer, Jazmine Sullivan ("Need U Bad") (33)
In 1990 Actress, Kristen Stewart (Panic Room, Twilight) (30)
In 1990 Football player, Ryan Williams (Cardinals) (30)
In 1998 Actress, Elle Fanning (Super 8, Maleficent) (22)
In 1999 Actor, Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Game of Thrones) (21)


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