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In 1788 Marietta, the first permanent settlement in Ohio, is founded.
In 1798 The Mississippi Territory is organized.
In 1862 Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant defeat the Confederates at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee.
In 1927 Using phone lines, an audience in New York sees the image of Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover from Washington, DC, in the first successful long-distance demonstration of television.
In 1933 Prohibition ends, Utah is the 38th state to ratify 21st Amendment.
In 1939 Italy invades Albania, which offers very little resistance.
In 1947 Auto pioneer Henry Ford dies in Dearborn, Michigan, at age 83.
In 1948 The World Health Organization is established.
In 1953 The U.N. General Assembly elects Dag Hammarskjold of Sweden to be secretary-general.
In 1957 The last of New York's electric trolleys completes its final run from Queens to Manhattan.
In 1959 Radar is first bounced off the sun from Stanford, California.
In 1966 The U.S. recovers a hyrogen bomb it lost off the coast of Spain.
In 1969 The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously strikes down laws prohibiting private possession of obscene material.
In 1976 Hua Kuo-feng is appointed prime minister and first deputy chairman of the Communist Party in China.
In 1978 President Carter announces he had decided against immediate production of neutron warheads.
In 1980 U.S. breaks diplomatic relations with Iran over the hostage crisis.
In 1983 Space shuttle astronauts Story Musgrave and Don Peterson make the first U.S. spacewalk in almost a decade, as they worked in the open cargo bay of Challenger for nearly four hours.
In 1984 The record for keeping a boomerang aloft is set at 28.9 seconds.
In 1984 The Census Bureau reports Los Angeles had overtaken Chicago as the nation's "second city" in terms of population.
In 1985 72,000 real eggs and 40,000 candy eggs are used in the world's largest Easter Egg Hunt in Homer, Georgia.
In 1985 The USSR announces a unilateral freeze on medium range nuclear missiles in Europe.
In 1987 President Reagan announces that the U.S. Embassy under construction in Moscow might be bugged.
In 1988 Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev and Afghan leader Najibullah meet in the Soviet Central Asian city of Tashkent. They later issued a joint statement, announcing an to end the civil war in Afghanistan and withdraw Soviet troops.
In 1989 A Soviet nuclear-powered submarine, the Komsomolets, catches fire and sank in the Norwegian Sea, claiming 42 lives.
In 1990 Former national security adviser John M. Poindexter is convicted of five counts at his Iran-Contra trial.
In 1990 A display of Robert Mapplethorpe photographs opens at Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center, the same day the center and its director were indicted on obscenity charges. (Both were later acquitted.)
In 1990 150 are killed when an arson fire breaks out aboard a ferry en route from Norway to Denmark.
In 1992 PLO chairman Yasser Arafat survives the crash-landing of his plane in the Libyan desert; three crew members were killed.
In 1993 European warplanes begin arriving in Italy, prepared to enforce a no-fly zone over Bosnia-Herzegovina.
In 1994 Civil war erupts in Rwanda, a day after a mysterious plane crash claimed the lives of the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi.
In 1997 China announces it will sign a UN treaty on human rights.
In 1997 Hanoi says it will uphold pact signed by U.S. and Vietnamese officials and will repay $146 million in wartime debt left by South Vietnam.
In 1998 The U.S. Justice Department wins $110 million antitrust case, the largest to date, from a worldwide cartel setting prices for key steel-making component.
In 1998 Mary Bono, the widow of entertainer-turned-politician Sonny Bono, wins a special election to serve out the remainder of her husband's congressional term.
In 2001 NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft blasts off on a 6-month, 286 million mile journey to the Red Planet.
In 2001 In Cincinnati, Timothy Thomas, an unarmed black man wanted on 14 misdemeanor warrants, is shot and killed by a white police officer, sparking three days of riots.
In 2002 Israeli troops fight several fierce battles with Palestinians in the West Bank.
In 2003 U.S. troops in more than 100 U.S. armored vehicles rumble through downtown Baghdad and toppling a 40-foot statue of the Iraqi ruler.
In 2003 The U.S. Supreme Court votes, 6-3, to uphold a 50-year-old Virginia law making it a crime to burn a cross as an act of intimidation.


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