Born On This Day...

In 1660 British medical doctor, Hans Sloane (founded British Museum)
In 1682 Mathematician, John Hadley (first reflecting telescope)
In 1838 Chemist, Ernest Solvay (sodium carbonate)
In 1867 Aviation pioneer, Wilbur Wright (Wright Brothers)
In 1867 Puerto Rican patriot, Jose de Diego
In 1871 Irish dramatist/poet, John Millington Synge
In 1889 Actor/director/comedian, Charlie Chaplin (The Tramp, The Gold Rush)
In 1903 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Paul G. Waner (3152 hits) [d: 8-29-65]
In 1912 Children's author, Garth Williams (Charlotte's Web) [d: 5-8-96]
In 1913 Actor, Les Tremayne (Adventures of Ellery Queen) [d: 12-19-03]
In 1914 Actor, John Hodiak (Lifeboat, Battleground) [d: 10-19-55]
In 1918 Actor/comedian, Spike Milligan (Goon Show co-creator) [d: 2-27-02]
In 1919 Dancer/choreographer, Merce Cunningham [d: 7-26-09]
In 1920 Actor, Barry Nelson (Casino Royal, My Favorite Husband) [d: 4-7-07]
In 1921 Actor, Peter Ustinov (Death on the Nile, Lorenzo's Oil) [d: 3-28-04]
In 1922 Author, Kingsley Amis (Lucky Jim, James Bond Dossier) [d: 10-22-95]
In 1923 Trombonist, Bennie Green (Earl Hines Band) [d: 3-23-77]
In 1924 Composer, Henry Mancini (Pink Panther, Romeo & Juliet) [d: 6-14-94]
In 1927 Actor, Peter Mark Richman (Andrew-Dynasty, Longstreet) (93)
In 1928 Football Hall-of-Famer, Dick Lane (Rams, Lions) [d: 1-29-02]
In 1929 Singer/actress, Edie Adams (Murial Cigar) [d: 10-15-08]
In 1929 Singer, Roy Hamilton (Unchained Melody) [d: 7-20-69]
In 1929 Singer/songwriter, Ed Townsend (For Your Love) [d: 8-13-03]
In 1930 Jazz flutist/songwriter, Herbie Mann (Hijack, Superman) [d: 7-1-03]
In 1933 Composer/arranger, Perry Botkin Jr. (Nadia's Theme) (87)
In 1935 Singer, Bobby Vinton (Roses Are Red, Mr. Lonely, Blue Velvet) (85)
In 1939 Singer, Dusty Springfield (Son of A Preacher Man) [d: 3-2-99]
In 1940 Monarch, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (80)
In 1947 Basketball Hall-of-Famer/actor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lakers) (73)
In 1947 Singer, Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street, Right Down The Line) [d: 1-4-11]
In 1949 Guitarist, William 'Sputnik' Spooner (Grateful Dead) (71)
In 1950 Actor, David Graf (Tackleberry-Police Academy movies) [d: 4-7-01]
In 1951 Bassist, John Bentley (Squeeze) (69)
In 1952 Football coach, Bill Belichick (Browns, Patriots) (68)
In 1952 U.S. fencer, Peter Westbrook (Olympic-Bronze-1988) (68)
In 1953 Actor, Jay O. Sanders (Tumbleweeds, Along Came A Spider) (67)
In 1954 Actress, Ellen Barkin (Big Easy, Sea Of Love, Switch) (66)
In 1963 Singer, Jimmy Osmond (Long Haired Lover From Liverpool) (57)
In 1964 Singer/guitarist, Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) (56)
In 1965 Actor, Jon Cryer (Pretty in Pink, Two and a Half Men, Supergirl) (55)
In 1965 Rap singer, Gerardo (Rico Suave, We Want The Funk) (55)
In 1965 U.S. volleyball player, Caren Kemner (Goodwill-Bronze-1986) (55)
In 1965 Actor/comedian, Martin Lawrence (Martin, Bad Boys) (55)
In 1966 Singer, Dan Rieser (Marcy Playground) (54)
In 1970 Singer, Gabrielle (Dreams) (50)
In 1970 Actress, Fran Robinson (Charlie & Company) (50)
In 1971 Actor, Peter Billingsley (Ralphie-A Christmas Story) (49)
In 1971 Tejano singer, Selena [Selena Quintanilla Perez] [d: 3-31-95]
In 1972 Spanish tennis player, Conchita Martinez (48)
In 1976 Actor, Lukas Haas (Everyone Says I Love You, Mars Attacks) (44)
In 1977 Actor, Hayes MacArthur (Life as We Know It, Perfect Couples) (43)
In 1984 Actor, Noah Fleiss (Sam-Josh & S.A.M.) (36)
In 1985 MMA fighter, Nate Diaz (35)
In 1990 Basketball player, Reggie Jackson (Thunder, Pistons) (30)
In 1991 Baseball player, Nolan Arenado (Rockies) (29)
In 1993 Rap singer, Chance The Rapper (27)
In 1993 Rap singer, Bandit Gang Marco ("Nasty") (27)
In 1994 Actress, Liliana Mumy (The Santa Clause II, The Loud House) (26)
In 1996 Actress, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, Split, Glass) (24)
In 2002 Actress, Sadie Sink (American Odyssey, Stranger Things) (18)
In 2003 Actress, Alina Foley (The League) (17)


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