• Ford is working on buzzing wristbands that will go off when workers get too close to each other.
  • A new book claims that former First Lady Jackie Kennedy fired her personal chef after she shared some of her recipes with Weight Watchers.
  • A Texas distillery owner thanked the hospital that saved his daughter's life three years by dropping off 6,100 gallons of hand sanitizer at the hospital.
  • Brian Dennehy, the winner of two Tonys in a career that also spanned films including "Tommy Boy," "First Blood" and "Cocoon," and television, died on Wednesday night in New Haven, Conn. He was 81.
  • After experiencing flu-like symptoms, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Cristina Cuomo, the wife of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, has been diagnosed with coronavirus.
  • Crew members from Ellen DeGeneres' long-running daytime talk show are distressed and outraged over their treatment after being left in limbo by producers amid the coronavirus pandemic, numerous insiders affiliated with the series told Variety.
  • J.J. Abrams is producing a "Justice League Dark" series for HBO Max.
  • A South Florida animal shelter is celebrating after they adopted out every single dog they had. The shelter was actually empty for a couple of days.
  • Cooking show host Rachael Ray has been taping her show from her own kitchen, with her husband as cameraman, and focusing on meals made from pantry staples. She announced that her organization will make a $4 million series of coronavirus relief donations to benefit food pantries, restaurant workers and animal rescue services.
  • Just weeks after Seaworld furloughed 90% of their workers without pay or benefits, their board members received $6.8-million in stock awards.
  • SNL's Michael Che has paid a month's rent for everyone in his grandmother's building, where she passed away due to the coronavirus.
  • The Better Business Bureau is saying you shouldn't be posting your senior picture in support of this year's senior class. Why? Scammers use the hashtag, then find the name of your high school and your graduating year -- two common online security questions. And if your social media account isn't locked up, they can find out a lot more about you.
  • The center for the Los Angeles Rams has the honor of being the first NFL player to test positive for the virus.
  • New research Residential Security: Consumer Insights 2020 from Parks Associates finds security system adoption, after holding steady at 25-28% for over five years, jumped up to 33% of U.S. broadband households at the end of 2019.
  • Not surprising, anti-anxiety drug prescriptions are up 34%.


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