• If you put together the words roast and tuna and anagrammatize them, you will get the word astronaut, meaning "space traveler."
  • 31% say they wish they had the courage to get rid of our televisions.
  • 80% of students said they ate Ramen Noodles about 3 times a week in college.
  • 33% of people floss their teeth before they take a photo.
  • About one third of American homes have a welcome mat.
  • Women sweat and perspire half as much as men.
  • A study shows the average woman will go on a diet about 16 times over the course of her life.
  • Over 95% of people, in a recent survey, said they had dandruff at one point or another.
  • 41% of people can clearly remember this thing from their past. What is it? The license plate number on their first car.
In Asia, China reigns supreme when it comes to having the most active internet users. With 818,934,000 users, the next closest countries include the United States with 320,059,368, Russia with 109,552,842, and Latin America/Caribbean with 18,526,199 users.


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