Born On This Day...

In 1656 Astronomer, Sir Edmund Halley (observed comet named for him in 1682)
In 1740 Scottish biographer, James Boswell
In 1815 Songwriter, Daniel Decatur Emmett (Wish I Was In Dixie)
In 1831 Scientist, Othniel Marsh (discovered over 1000 fossils)
In 1859 Sports owner, Charles H. Ebbets (Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field)
In 1875 Marie, queen consort of Ferdinand I of Rumania
In 1879 Politician, Franz Von Papen (helped Hitler become German chancellor)
In 1884 Actor, Bela Lugosi (Dracula, Body Snatcher)
In 1891 Actress/singer, Fanny Brice (Ziegeld Follies)
In 1897 Actress, Hope Emerson (Minerva-I Married Joan, Peter Gunn)
In 1897 Nazi propagandist, Paul Joseph Goebbels
In 1904 Composer, Vivian Ellis [d: 6-19-96]
In 1921 Actor, Ed Kemmer (Buzz Corey-Space Patrol) [d: 11-5-04]
In 1921 Political cartoonist, Bill Mauldin (Willie & Joe) [d: 1-22-03]
In 1922 Trumpeter/composer, Neal P. Hefti (Batman, Odd Couple themes) [d: 10-11-08]
In 1925 Actress, Geraldine Brooks (Honor Thompson-Ironside) [d: 6-19-77]
In 1925 Jazz performer, John Haley "Zoot" Sims [d: 3-23-85]
In 1937 Bluegrass singer, Sonny Osborne (Osborne Brothers) (83)
In 1939 Blues-Gospel singer/songwriter, Charlie Foxx [d: 9-18-98]
In 1941 Football player, Andy Russell (Steelers: Super Bowl IX, X) (79)
In 1944 Guitarist, Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Wings) (76)
In 1944 Guitarist, Robbie Van Leeuwen (Shocking Blue) (76)
In 1945 Singer/actress, Melba Moore (Dr. Burkhardt-Loving) (75)
In 1946 Guitarist, Peter Green (ex-Fleetwood Mac) [d: 7-25-20]
In 1947 Actor, Richard Dreyfuss (Goodbye Girl, Jaws, Mr. Hollands Opus) (73)
In 1948 Actress, Kate Jackson (Charlie's Angels, Scarecrow & Mrs. King) (72)
In 1949 Wrestler, Paul Orndorff (Mr. Wonderful) (71)
In 1949 Singer/bassist, David Paton (Pilot) (71)
In 1952 Football player, Morris Bradshaw (Raiders) (68)
In 1952 Singer/keyboardist, Arnell Carmichael (Raydio) (68)
In 1954 Runner, Herman Ronald Frazier (Olympic-Gold-1976) (66)
In 1955 Singer, Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot) [d: 11-25-07]
In 1955 Football player, J.T. Smith (65)
In 1957 Comedian, Dan Castellaneta (Tracey Ullman, Homer-The Simpsons) (63)
In 1959 Baseball player, Jesse Barfield (Blue Jays, Yankees) (61)
In 1959 Actress, Finola Hughes (Anna-General Hospital, Blossom) (61)
In 1960 Football player, Michael Carter (60)
In 1961 Singer, Randy Jackson (The Jacksons) (59)
In 1964 Model, Yasmin Le Bon (56)
In 1967 Actress, Joely Fisher (Paige Clark-Ellen, Baby Bob) (53)
In 1967 Actor, Rufus Sewell (Hamlet, John Murdoch-Dark City) (53)
In 1968 Norwegian speed skater, Johann Olav Koss (Olympic-3 Gold-1994) (52)
In 1968 Actor, Grayson McCouch (Morgan Winthrop-Another World) (52)
In 1969 Singer, S.A. Martinez (311) (51)
In 1971 Actress, Winona Ryder (Little Women, Dracula, Girl Interrupted) (49)
In 1972 Actress, Tracee Ellis Ross (Hanging Up, Girlfriends, Blackish) (48)
In 1972 Actress, Gabrielle Union (City Of Angels, Isis-Bring It On) (48)
In 1973 Actor, Trevor Lissauer (Miles-Sabrina the Teenage Witch) (47)
In 1977 Actor, Jon Abrahams (Scary Movie, Meet the Parents) (43)
In 1977 Actor, Brendan Fehr (Michael-Roswell) (43)
In 1986 Actress, Italia Ricci (Chasing Life) (34)
In 1986 Actor, Derek Theler (Baby Daddy) (34)
In 1987 Football player, Andy Dalton (Bengals, Cowboys) (33)
In 1990 Actress, Carlson Young (Scream, As the Bell Rings) (30)
In 1993 Actress, India Eisley (Secret Life of the American Teenager) (27)
In 1996 Country singer, Alec Bailey (24)
In 1996 Figure skator, Hannah Miller (24)
In 1998 Rap singer, YBN Glizzy (22)


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