Today In History...

In 1636 The first U.S. college, Harvard University is founded.
In 1776 The Battle of White Plains is fought during the Revolutionary War.
In 1793 Eli Whitney applies for a patent for the cotton gin.
In 1886 The Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, is dedicated in New York Harbor by President Cleveland in the presence of its sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.
In 1904 St. Louis Police try a new investigation method called fingerprints.
In 1918 Czechoslovakia declares independence from Austria.
In 1919 Congress enacts the Volstead Act, which provided for enforcement of Prohibition, over President Wilson's veto.
In 1922 Fascist, Benito Mussolini takes control of Italy's government.
In 1922 The first coast-to-coast radio broadcast of a football game.
In 1929 The first child is born in an aircraft in Miami, Florida.
In 1936 President Franklin D. Roosevelt rededicates the Statue of Liberty on its 50th anniversary during a re-election campaign stop in New York.
In 1940 Italy invades Greece during World War II.
In 1946 German rocket engineers begin work in the USSR.
In 1949 Helen Anderson becomes the first woman to hold the post of U.S. Ambassador (to Denmark).
In 1958 The Roman Catholic patriarch of Venice, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, is elected Pope, taking the name John XXIII.
In 1962 Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev informs the U.S. he has ordered the dismantling of Cuban missiles.
In 1965 Pope Paul VI proclaims the Jews are not collectively guilty for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
In 1965 The Gateway Arch (630 feet high) is completed in St Louis.
In 1970 The U.S. and USSR sign an agreement to discuss joint space efforts.
In 1971 England becomes 6th nation to have a satellite (Prospero) in orbit.
In 1976 Former Nixon aid, John D. Ehrlichman enters a federal prison camp in Safford, Arizona, for Watergate-related crimes.
In 1980 President Carter and Republican presidential nominee Ronald Reagan face off in a nationally broadcast debate from Cleveland.
In 1980 The Guinness record for peeling onions is set at 50 pounds in five minutes.
In 1981 The Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series, defeating the New York Yankees in game six, 9-2.
In 1985 Former Navy man John A. Walker and his son, Michael Walker, pleaded guilty in Baltimore to charges of spying for the Soviet Union.
In 1986 A French pharmaceutical company that manufactures the abortion pill RU486 announces it would resume distribution of the drug after the government of France demanded it do so.
In 1986 The true centennial of the Statue of Liberty is celebrated in New York with modest ceremonies compared with that of "Liberty Weekend" the previous July.
In 1988 The French pharmaceutical company that manufactures the abortion pill RU-486 said it would resume distribution on command of the French government.
In 1989 The Oakland A's win the earthquake-interrupted World Series.
In 1993 Speaking at the UN, ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide calls for a trade blockade to Haiti to force out its military leaders.
In 1995 The Atlanta Braves defeat the Cleveland Indians, 1-0, to win the World Series.
In 1996 Comedian Morey Amsterdam ("Dick Van Dyke Show") dies at age 81.
In 1997 The stock market posts its biggest single day point gain ever with more than 1.1 billion shares traded.
In 2000 The party of moderate Ibrahim Rugova wins Kosovo's municipal elections.
In 2000 David Trimble, leader of Northern Ireland's biggest Protestant party, narrowly wins a party battle, keeping alive the province's power-sharing government.
In 2001 The families of people killed in the September 11 terrorist attack gathered in New York for a memorial service.
In 2001 Gunmen kill 16 people in a church in Behawalpur, Pakistan.
In 2002 American diplomat Laurence Foley is assassinated in front of his house in Amman, Jordan.
In 2002 A student flunking out of the University of Arizona nursing school shoots three of his professors to death, then killed himself.
In 2003 A Soyuz space capsule carrying an American, a Russian and a Spaniard from the International Space Station landed in Kazakhstan.


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