Time to Play YES OR B.S.

  • You think walking is easy? Well it actually takes 200 muscles just to lift your leg and move it forward. (B.S., it actually takes only about 40 to do that)
  • The state of Oregon actually has a law that dishes must "drip dry." (Yes)
  • Ostriches can run faster than horses! (Yes)
  • There are more than 15 thousand different varieties of rice. (Yes)
  • The largest Great White Shark ever caught measured over 50 feet long and weighed just over 20 tons! (B.S.! The largest on record was 37 feet long and weighed 12 tons! It was captured off the shores of New Brunswick in 1930)
  • Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not sweat by salivating. They sweat through the pads of their feet. (Yes)
  • Wanna know how big somebody's feet are? Check out their forearm. For most people, the length of their forearm is the same as the length of their feet. (Yes)
  • The sun isn't round. It's flat on the top and bottom. (Yes! Who knew?)
  • Tony Danza had originally been tapped to host "American Idol" but he turned it down because he said he didn't want to be part of another failed TV show. (B.S.)
  • It's not unusual for a race horse to wear out a new pair of horseshoes in just one race. (Yes!)
  • About 80% of your brain is nothing more than water. (Yes! Unless you work on this show, then it's like 99%)
  • Sandra Bullock appeared on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" when she was 7 years old playing Murray's (Gavin MacLeod) daughter. (B.S., but Helen Hunt did!)
  • Edgar Allan Poe was expelled from West Point for showing up at a school parade wearing only gloves and a belt! (Yes)
  • Asparagus is actually a small tree. (B.S.-- actually it's a flower, a member of the lily family)
  • The White House was originally called The President's Palace. (Yes! President Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its current name in 1901)
  • In chess, the term checkmate actually translates to, "The castle is mine." (B.S., it comes from the term Arabic phrase shah mat, meaning the king is dead)
  • During the 17th century, it was considered socially fashionable to drink beer or wine mixed with chocolate. (Yes!)
  • The only animal in the world actually born with horns is the giraffe. (Yes!)
  • When Elvis first met The Beatles at his home in Bel Air, he reportedly served them glasses of milk with his famous peanut butter and banana sandwiches. (B.S.!)


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