( The following seduce-him-silly ammo is guaranteed to blow a man's mind -- anytime, anyplace. Here are some flirtatious moves that make men melt:

  1. Use the tip of your tongue to lick beer or espresso foam from your lip
  2. Give him a long once-over from head to toe
  3. Pull your hair loose from a ponytail holder or clip
  4. Cross your legs and slowly move your top foot in circles
  5. If you shake his hand, wrap your other hand around his
  6. Grin and hold his gaze for three seconds and hold his gaze for three seconds
  7. While at a bar, casually set your hand on your knee so that your palm faces up or lay the back of your hand on a table.
  8. While conversing with a cutie, lean in so you are about six inches from his face
  9. Rub your shoulder like you have a painful crick, then gently sigh
  10. Walk past him, then slowly swivel your head halfway toward him, rest your chin on your shoulder and smile.


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