Top 10 most grating people in the office.

The Perfume Polluter -- She comes to work wearing half a bottle of perfume.
The Neat Freak -- This person wouldn't have a hair out of place in a tornado and cleans off his desk with ammonia-based spay every day.
Sloppy Sam -- He's the opposite of the neat freak. It's impossible to see his desk under all the clutter.
The Coffee Culprit -- This creep drinks the last cup of coffee and never makes another pot. (Most sales people meet this description.)
Loudmouth Larry -- Even if he's talking on the phone, you can hear him a half block away.
The Belcher -- He rattles windows with his burps and never says "Excuse Me."
The Gossip -- This person knows more about your life than you do and makes sure everyone else does too.
The Nutrition Cop -- This person peers at your lunch, then grimaces and says: "Don't you know that stuff will kill you."
The Junk Food Junkie -- The opposite of the Nutrition Cop. He sticks a candy bar under your nose and tempts you to eat it.
The Temperature Tamperer -- This person sneaks up to the thermostat and cranks it up or down, but never asks anyone else if they are comfortable.


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