Name Your Car Day --

AutoNation surveyed 2,500 car owners, asking them to reveal their car's nickname. One fun fact: We seem to prefer names that begin with a "B."

Top Car Names Overall:

1. Betsy
2. Bessie
3. Baby/Betty (tie)
5. The Beast
6. Sally
7. Bertha
8. Lucy
9. Big Red
10. Buddy/Red/Stella (tie)

Top Car Names Men Choose:

1. Betsy
2. The Beast
3. Sally
4. Lucy
5. Bertha
6. Bessie, Billy, Turbo (tie)
9. Baby, Big Red, Buddy, Fiesta, Stella, Steve (tie)

Top Car Names Women Choose:

1. Betsy
2. Bessie
3. Baby
4. Bertha
5. Herbie, Precious, Sally (tie)
8. Alice, Big Blue, Big Red, Blue (tie)

Top Pop-Culture Car Names:

1. The Enterprise
2. The Batmobile
3. Optimus Prime
4. Millennium Falcon


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