• America's oldest and largest college library, containing over 12 million items, was founded in 1638, at what school? (Harvard)
  • Adapted to life in the high altitudes, what animal with a short name provides milk, meat, wool and leather to herders in Mongolia and Tibet? (Yak)
  • In 1988, 160,000 people attended the largest rock music gathering ever held in East Germany. The Communist newspapers hailed the American rock performer as a friend of the working class. Who was he? ( Bruce Springsteen)
  • When transatlantic telephone service was inaugurated in 1927, a 3-minute call between New York and London cost how much: $15, $35, or $75? ($75)
  • The average test grade in a class of 20 students is 80%. If the average grade of the 12 boys in the class is 82, what's the average grade of the girls? (77%)
  • What common item contains a hammer, an anvil, and a stirrup? (The human ear)
  • This community service organization, founded in Chicago in 1905, was originally for business men, but today includes people from all walks of life. It is named because meetings were held at the members' different homes. Which organization? (Rotary)
  • What are the two most famous auction houses of London? ( Sotheby's and Christie's)
  • Protons and Neutrons are subatomic particles located where? (In the nucleus of an atom)
  • Which inventor in 1793 developed a cotton gin that could do the work of 50 people? (Eli Whitney)
  • What is the name for the study of the supernatural influence of numbers on human life? (Numerology)
  • The Canary Islands were named after what kind of animal? (Dogs)
  • From which famous University did Prince Charles graduate? ( Cambridge)
  • It originated in ancient Babylonia and spread from there to China, India, and the West. Today it is popular around the world, and people follow it in their daily newspapers. What is it? (Astrology)
  • Around what year was coffee first consumed as a beverage? Was it around 1000 B.C., 1000 A.D., or the 16th century? (1000 A.D.)
  • What is the first animal listed in the dictionary? (Aardvark)
  • What is the southernmost national capital city in the world? (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Humphrey Bogart won the Academy Award as Best Actor only once in his career - for which 1951 film that also starred Katharine Hepburn? (African Queen)
  • What are two common names for jumping, tailless amphibian? ( Frogs or toads)
  • Which magazine, named for a type of wood, has been popular since 1945, primarily among black readers? (Ebony)
  • What do we call hollowed-out pumpkins with a face cut into one side? ( Jack O-Lanterns)
  • What is the name of the process by which green plants convert the energy of sunlight into chemical energy? (Photosynthesis)
  • A deficiency of Vitamin C can cause a disorder characterized by bleeding gums and extreme weakness, called what? (Scurvy)
  • Customarily, the primary colors of the visible spectrum were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. However, around 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton found another, situated between blue and violet, and named it what? (Indigo)
  • Butterflies have taste buds in what part of their bodies? (Their feet)
  • What is the earth's only natural satellite? (The Moon)
  • This TV adventure series began syndication in 1988, and within ten years became the most popular TV show of all time - seen in 140 countries by 1 billion TV watchers worldwide. What is it? (Baywatch)
  • Napoleon was forced to step down as emperor of France as a result of a disastrous military campaign in the winter of 1812, in which country? (Russia)
  • What was the first professional football league in America? (American Professional Football Association)
  • It's a powerful chemical reaction when hydrogen is burned - what compound is formed? (Water)


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