Tuesday, October 3, 2017


  • Typically women worry about money at night, while men do it in the morning. 
  • A majority of women say it's not diamonds, kids or chocolate that truly makes them happy. It's sleep. 
  • In a relationship survey, 52% of people said when they share their Netflix password, you know the relationship is serious. 
  • A survey says that 7% of husbands and 6% of wives would not take a bullet for their spouse. 
  • A survey of doctors found that the top three inanimate objects involved in accidents around the home are bicycles, stairs and footballs. 
  • More than half of drivers don't use their turn signal on a regular basis. 
  • When it comes to death by falling, the #1 killer is falling down stairs. Falling out of bed is #2.

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