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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Maybe it's the trend of open workspaces. Or maybe it's the lure of Facebook and Twitter. Whatever it is, the inability to focus at work is a huge problem across all industries with fully 95 percent of employees saying they are distracted during the workday, according to a survey of 1,000 employees by Virgin Pulse. What is distracting us from writing weekly reports and analyzing budget spreadsheets?
  1. Co-workers who want to chat and socialize: 54 percent 
  2. Technology distractions, including email and text messaging: 45 percent 
  3. Personal stress, including relationship, family and money problems: 22 percent 
What can you do to stay focused and on task? Get healthy. 70 percent of employees say their health habits have a noticeable impact on their ability to focus at work. Specifically, 68 percent say proper sleep is the No. 1 way to maintain focus at work, while 43 percent say taking a midday walk or getting some exercise help them get and stay focused at work. You can also take control over your workday by doing the following, according to Men's Fitness:
  1. Set clear goals with a list of the top priorities for the week. Review the list daily and decide what you can realistically accomplish. 
  2. Work in 60- to 90-minute blocks and then take a break. Refocus by listening to music for a few minutes, take a short walk or get a snack. 
  3. Turn off the world. While you are working in that 90-minute block, don't check e-mail, answer the phone or talk to your co-workers. 

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