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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


(Health) The right technology can help you get more sleep. Got an Amazon Echo? Try these tricks to make Alexa your personal sleepy time assistant:

Listen to bedtime stories
Blue light from screens can disrupt melatonin production and your ability to fall asleep. Instead of turning on the TV or scrolling through Instagram, have Alexa read to your using the Audible feature.

Give your phone a rest
Minimize distractions by charging your phone in another room overnight. You don't need it: Alexa can set an alarm, add to your to-do list, and fill you in on tomorrow's weather and meetings.

Calm your mind
Play a guided meditation or try the Meditation Timer skill, which features timed soundscapes to help you chill out.

Block out noise
Turn on white or ambient noise such as ocean or rain sounds, so the rumbling of the garbage truck doesn't rouse you.

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