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Thursday, October 12, 2017


It's hard to tell if you're really about to be kicked to the curb or if you're just being paranoid. Cosmopolitan offers these signs all say "start packing."

The Signal
Your boss starts breathing down your neck or giving you a hard time. What It Means -- She may be trying to get you to quit before she has to fire you.

The Signal
The head honcho is late for a meeting she's set up with you or never asks what you're working on anymore. What It Means -- She no longer considers you a key part of the staff.

The Signal
You stop receiving e-mail updates or invitations to team meetings. What It Means -- You're being squeezed out of the loop.

The Signal
Your workloads lessens and it's not just a slow period. What It Means -- Your superiors could be preparing by transferring some of your tasks to other employees.

The Signal
There's a negative change in your boss's attitude towards you. What It Means -- She's feeling uncomfortable because she knows that she's going to have to let you go.

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