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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


It was on this date in 1845 that the U.S. Naval academy opened at Annapolis, Maryland.
  • In their infinite wisdom, they didn't name their football team the Navel Oranges. 
  • Why they needed an entire school on belly buttons, I'll never know. 
  • Yes, the U.S. Naval Academy opened up and the phrase, "Hi, sailor, new in town?" was coined. 

In 1886, the Tuxedo Dinner Jacket made its debut at a social event in New York. We should be glad it didn't debut in the Bronx. "Hey, nice Bronx you got there!"
  • Well, it had been worn before, but this was its formal debut. 
  • It was also the first time the phrase, "Thanks, but it's a rental" was spoken. 
  • To think we were that close to it being called "The Bronx." "Yeah, I need to rent a Bronx for my brother's wedding..." 

On this date in 1910, the Wuchang uprisings began in China against the royal family. As soon as they would put down one revolt, another would begin. More revolts, more put downs... at one time, citizens reached a top speed of 30 revolutions per minute.

In 1933, the first synthetic detergent for home use was marketed. It was perfect for artificial clothes and it really got out those artificial stains.

On this date in 1964, the 18th Summer Olympic Games opened in Tokyo, Japan. Seems like a late start for summer games. The winter games must have been in July!

If history is any indicator, this has been a lucky day for the Detroit Tigers. On this date in 1945 and 1968, they won the World Series.

On this date in 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a bill that resulted in the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.
  • For those who say he didn't do anything in his four years of office. 
  • It was an even bigger failure than the Susan A. Anthony dollar coin. 
  • How much legacy can one man leave behind? 


Time to get out there and hit those After-Columbus Day protests.

Happy birthday to Dale Earnhardt Jr., who begins his 43rd lap around the track. Wish I could remember the name of his father.

Brett Favre turns 48 today. I believe he holds the NFL's record for most-often retired. Just for old times' sake, he's going to sign with a team and retire today.

Martina Navratilova celebrates her 61st birthday today. Years ago, she shocked the world by announcing she was gay. Well, at least that's the way she tells it. She was among the first female tennis players that brought the concept of mixed singles to our attention.

David Lee Roth turns 63, but sounded that way years ago.
  • He's entering the Mobility Van Halen years... 
  • The former lead singer of Van Halen has sounded like that since he was 21. 
  • These days, he's "Brisk walking with the Devil." Gotta watch those knees.

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