Friday, October 13, 2017


If there is no furry, feathered or flippered creature greeting you when you get home at the end of the day, you're in a minority. 62% of all Americans own at least one pet, and the number is even higher among young adults with 65% of Millennials and 71% of Gen Xers owning a pet, according to a Harris Poll. But what is even more interesting is how we treat our pets. Basically all of us (95%) consider our pets to be members of the family and our behaviors prove this to be true: 

71% allow their dog or cat to sleep with them.
64% buy their pets holiday gifts.
45% buy birthday presents for their pets.
31% cook especially for their pets.
22% dress their pet in some type of clothing.
12% bring their pet to work with them.

Who's the top dog? Among pet owners:
71% have at least one dog.
49% have at least one cat.
11% have fish.
9% have some other type of pet than a dog, cat, fish or bird.
8% have a bird.

How much do we spend on our pets annually?

Food and treats: $476
Medical costs: $425
Pet sitting/boarding: $128
Pet equipment: $97
Toys: $63

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