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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The Most Honest Girl Scout You'll Meet Today

In Pequannock, New Jersey, a young girl found two one dollar bills on the sidewalk and was determined to do one thing - return them to their rightful owner. Isabella King's mother said her daughter insisted on bringing the money to the police, but Capt. Christopher DePuyt says that police politely declined to take it since there was no way to prove ownership of such a small amount. He did note, "Obviously, this young lady has outstanding parents. Her honesty and integrity should be an inspiration to everyone." Isabella says that she didn't feel right keeping the money because whoever lost it might need it more than she does adding, "I know it was only $2, but I still wanted to do the right thing and be honest." As no one came forward to claim the money, they will use it do donate a box of Girl Scout nuts to the military. (Daily Record)

Love Dat Chicken From Popeyes!

Out in Long Beach, California, the owner of the Sweet Dixie Kitchen restaurant has admitted she's been serving Popeyes chicken to customers for the past two months! In a one-star Yelp review posted Oct. 7, Tyler Hiebert sat down at Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach only to see employees carry two boxes of Popeyes chicken into the kitchen. Hiebert's suspicions were further raised when his $13-dollar-a-plate chicken dinner tasted familiar. A waiter later confirmed it was Popeyes - something Sweet Dixie owner Kimberly Sanchez was particularly ashamed of. She responded to Hiebert's post by saying we "PROUDLY SERVE Popeyes spicy tenders" while sarcastically noting the restaurant also doesn't "grow our own veggies" or "mill our own flour." She concludes: "Whatever to you dude." Sanchez says there's nothing wrong with her restaurant serving Popeyes since they don't have a fryer and Popeyes is "the best fried chicken anywhere and from New Orleans." (FOX News)

Turns Out One Size Does NOT Fit All

Turns out one size does not fit all - and we're talking condoms here folks. And believe it or not, the FDA is behind a new plan to make some serious changes in the condom industry. We'll throw out two numbers for you to consider: a) 5.57-inches and 6.69-inches. The first would be "average length" and the second would be the standard length requirement for condoms. However, the Food and Drug Administration is now going to classify condoms as medical devices, which means any new product has to go through pricey clinical trials to gain approval. The FDA and two standards organizations have started to acknowledge the limitations and tweak the requirements and tests, and that's opened the door for Boston-based Global Protection Corp. to begin selling condoms that come in 60 sizes. Per a press release, 28 of those sizes are larger than the length, width, or both of the "leading XL condom," while 27 are smaller than the typical one. (New York Times)

Man Drinking All Day Shoots and Kills Cop

Girard, Ohio, is mourning Justin Leo, who's believed to be the first police officer killed in the line of duty in the Youngstown-area city's history. Police say Leo, a 31-year-old who'd been on the Girard force for five years, was shot to death after responding to a call about a domestic disturbance. Authorities say a man at the house pulled a gun and shot Leo after briefly speaking with the officer and his partner. The partner returned fire, killing the man, whose identity has not been released. According to a 911 call, the man had "several firearms" and had been "drinking all day." Girard Mayor James Melfi said he'd known the officer since he was in first grade and that Sunday was the "saddest day of his life." He added, "We woke up a different community. We woke up shaken like we never shook before. I don't know how and when we get back, but we have to do that in honor of Officer Leo." At least 1,000 Girard residents -- more than a tenth of the city's population -- joined a candlelight vigil for Leo Sunday night at Girard High School's Arrowhead Stadium. (WTVR)

Justin Timberlake Returns to Super Bowl Halftime!

It's been 14 years since Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl and it appears the NFL is ready to have Justin Timberlake back! The singer - who accidentally exposed Jackson's right breast to half the nation in 2004's notorious halftime show made the announcement in a Tonight Show skit with Jimmy Fallon. Super Bowl LII (52) will be held Feb. 4 in Minneapolis, and Variety predicts that "it doesn't seem completely unlikely" that Jackson, who was blacklisted by the NFL and several broadcasters after the 2004 incident, could make a surprise appearance at the show. Ray Rahman tweeted, "If Justin Timberlake doesn't bring out Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl halftime I'm gonna take a knee." The 2004 incident caused 540,000 complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, which launched a crackdown on "indecent content" and heavily fined then-Super Bowl broadcaster CBS, though the fine was eventually chucked out on appeal. The incident not only led to a broadcast delay during live performances, it changed the way we share video online: Jawed Karim, who co-founded YouTube the following year, says he decided to start the site to make it easier to find the Jackson clip and other videos online. (Newser)

If You Must Say "Sorry I Tried to Bite You" - Say It With Cake

We all know what it's like - the evening starts with a few drinks with friends and suddenly you're waking up in jail because you tried to bite a police officer. Okay - well at least Celina Dally of Lake Charles, Louisiana knows what it's like. She basically got drunk while wine tasting and passed out in the car on the way home. A concerned friend who was driving called paramedics but when Dally later woke up she was in jail, having been arrested for public intoxication and assaulting a police officer. In a since deleted Facebook post, Dally said she wasn't proud of her behavior and that her conscience had been eating away at her. So she surprised the officer she assaulted with a giant cookie cake with the words "Sorry I tried to bite you" in green and white icing. She's also using the incident to serve as platform to help combat cyberbullying and urges anyone who needs help to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. (Metro)

Rhino - 1; Big Game Poacher - 0

In Nairobi, Kenya, an illegal big game poacher had the tables turned on him by a Rhino he had been tracking. The incident happened in Etosha National Park after suspect Luteni Muharukua and other alleged poachers illegally entered the wildlife area in hopes of killing rhinos for their horns. Suddenly, one of the rhinos they had been tracking appeared out of nowhere and inflicted a severe leg injury on Muharukua after he fell while fleeing. Muharukua found refuge on a nearby mountain and police arrested him there the next day. Rhino poaching has sadly increased in recent years in Namibia, which has one of Africa's biggest populations of the critically endangered black rhino. Some consumers believe rhino horn can cure illnesses if ingested in powder form, although there is no evidence that the horn, made of the same substance as human fingernails, has any medicinal value. (NBC News)

What the What?

There are some strange things that happen in Tokyo. The city's Lefkada Theatre just held a most bizarre show where patrons - all men...frankly, all very weird men - paid $25 apiece to come watch Japanese porn stars pass gas. All three actresses used a microphone to help make their performances audible for the delighted crowd. They adopted bizarre poses to accomplish their goal and later stripped down to bikinis. Here's the best part - the event was actually called: "Let's All Hear Beautiful Girls Farts Together!" Organizers vowed the girls will "fart to the limits of their intestines' for the enjoyment of Japan's 120 million fart fans." (SoraNews24) (Metro)

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