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Thursday, July 26, 2018

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   In 1739 Fourth U.S. vice president, George Clinton (first VP to die in office)
   In 1799 Inventor, Isaac Babbitt (babbitt's metal for bearings)
   In 1856 Dramatist/playwright, George Bernard Shaw
   In 1875 Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung (psychoanalysis)
   In 1887 British flying ace, "Mick" Edward Mannock
   In 1894 Author/philosopher, Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)
   In 1902 Actress, Gracie Allen (Burns & Allen Show) [d: 8-28-64]
   In 1903 Conductor, Donald Voorhees (Bell Telephone Hour) [d: 1-10-89]
   In 1907 Actress, Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz-I Love Lucy) [d: 8-17-79]
   In 1914 Songwriter, Ralph Blane (Merry Little Christmas) [d: 11-13-95]
   In 1914 Bandleader/trumpeter, Erskine Hawkins [d: 11-11-93]
   In 1918 Actress, Marjorie Lord (Kathy-Make Room For Daddy) [d: 11-28-15]
   In 1920 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bob Waterfield (Rams) [d: 3-25-83]
   In 1921 Writer/humorist, Jean Shepherd [d: 10-16-99]
   In 1922 Director, Blake Edwards (The Pink Panther, 10, SOB) [d: 12-15-10]
   In 1922 Actor, Jason Robards (All The President's Men) [d: 12-26-00]
   In 1923 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Hoyt Wilhelm [d: 8-23-02]
   In 1924 Bandleader/drummer, Louis Bellson [d: 2-14-09]
   In 1926 Actor, James Best (Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane-Dukes of Hazzard) [d: 4-6-15]
   In 1928 Director, Stanley Kubrick (2001, Dr. Strangelove) [d: 3-7-99]
   In 1929 Humorist, Jean Shepherd (Playboy satire Award 1966, 67, 69) [d: 9-25-16]
   In 1931 Actor, Robert Colbert (The Time Tunnel, Young & Restless) (87)
   In 1933 Actress, Kathryn Hays (Kim Hughes-As the World Turns) (85)
   In 1939 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bob Lilly (Cowboys) (79)
   In 1941 Singer, Bobby Hebb (Sunny, Satisfied Mind) [d: 8-3-10]
   In 1941 Singer/actress, Darlene Love (Crystals/Lethal Weapon) (77)
   In 1941 Singer, Brenton Wood (Gimme Little Sign) (77)
   In 1942 Singer, Dobie Gray (In Crowd, Drift Away) [d: 12-6-11]
   In 1943 Singer/songwriter, Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) (75)
   In 1944 U.S. springboard diver, Micki King (Olympic-Gold-1972) (74)
   In 1944 Actor, Kiel Martin (Detective LaRue-Hill Street Blues) [d: 12-28-90]
   In 1945 Actress, Linda Harrison (Bracken's World, Planet of the Apes) (73)
   In 1945 Actress, Helen Mirren (The Queen) (73)
   In 1949 Astronaut, William M. Shepherd (STS-27, 41, 52) (69)
   In 1949 Drummer, Roger Taylor (Queen) (69)
   In 1950 Actress, Susan George (Straw Dogs, Mandingo) (68)
   In 1951 Astronaut, William Surles McArthur Jr. (67)
   In 1953 Actor, Nicholas Walker (Capitol, Jimmy-General Hospital) (65)
   In 1954 Tennis player, Vitas Gerulaitis (Australia, 1987) [d: 9-18-94]
   In 1956 U.S. figure skater, Dorothy Hamill (Olympic-Gold-1976) (62)
   In 1957 Actress, Nana Visitor (Major Kira Nerys-Deep Space Nine) (61)
   In 1959 Actor, Kevin Spacey (Usual Suspects, Seven, American Beauty) (59)
   In 1960 Bassist, Danny Stag (Kingdom Come) (58)
   In 1961 Keyboardist, Andy Connell (Swing Out Sister) (57)
   In 1964 Actress, Sandra Bullock (Speed, Hope Floats, Miss Congeniality) (54)
   In 1965 Actor, Jeremy Piven (Spence-Ellen, Kiss The Girls, Heat, Cupid) (53)
   In 1966 Actress, Jennifer Ashe (As the World Turns) (52)
   In 1967 Actor, Jason Statham (Jason Statham, Death Race) (51)
   In 1972 Rap Performer, Wayne Wonder (46)
   In 1973 Actress, Kate Beckinsale (Haunted, Emma, Pearl Harbor) (45)
   In 1977 Gospel singer, Rebecca Saint James (41)
   In 1984 Actress, Grace Gealey (Empire) (34)
   In 1986 Actress, Monica Raymund (The Good Wife, Chicago Fire) (32)
   In 1988 Singer, Nathan James (Inglorious) (30)
   In 1988 Actress, Francia Raisa (Secret Life of the American Teenager) (30)
   In 1990 Actress, Bianca Santos (The Fosters, The Duff) (28)
   In 1993 Actress, Elizabeth Gillies (Animal) (25)
   In 1993 Actress, Taylor Momsen (How The Grinch Stole Christmas) (25)
   In 1993 Rap singer, Stormzy ("Not That Deep") (25)
   In 2001 Singer, Carson Lueders ("Feels Good," "Try Me") (17)
   In 2002 Actor, Michael Campion (Fuller House) (16)

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