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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Born On This Day...

In 1423 Louis XI, king of France (1461-83)

In 1567 Explorer, Samuel de Champlain

In 1731 Revolutionary, Samuel Huntington (president of Continental Congress)

In 1881 Actor/comedian, Leon Errol (Ziegfeld Follies)

In 1883 Author, Franz Kafka (Metamorphosis, The Trial, Amerika)

In 1893 Blues singer/guitarist, "Mississippi" John Hurt

In 1896 Actress, Doris Lloyd (The Time Machine, The Sound Of Music)

In 1906 Actor, George Sanders (Mr. Freeze-TV's Batman) [d: 4-25-72]

In 1909 U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz (1971-76) [d: 2-2-08]

In 1909 Shipping executive, Stavros Spyros Niarchos [d: 4-16-96]

In 1913 Columnist/panelist, Dorthy Kilgallen (What's My Line) [d: 11-8-65]

In 1917 Baseball player, Piper Davis (Negro League) [d: 5-21-97]

In 1920 Actress/panelist, Louise Allbritton (I've Got A Secret) [d: 2-16-79]

In 1926 Trumpeter, Johnny Coles [d: 12-21-97]

In 1927 Film director, Ken Russell (Tommy, Altered States, Gothic) [d: 11-27-11]

In 1929 Singer, David Lynch (The Platters) [d: 1-2-81]

In 1930 Jazz clarinetist, Pete Fountain (Lawrence Welk Show) [d: 8-6-16]

In 1935 Astronaut, Jack Schmitt (Apollo XVII) (83)

In 1937 Author/playwright, Tom Stoppard (Empire of the Sun) (81)

In 1939 Actor/writer, Jay Tarses (Open All Night, Duck Factory) (79)

In 1940 U.S. Secretary of Education, Lamar Alexander (1991-93) (78)

In 1940 Singer/pianist, Fontella Bass (Rescue Me) [d: 12-26-12]

In 1940 U.S. freestyle swimmer, Lance Larson (Olympic-Silver-1960) (78)

In 1943 Folk singer, Judith Durham (The Seekers) (75)

In 1943 Actor, Kurtwood Smith (Robocop, Rambo III, Star Trek VI) (75)

In 1943 Astronaut, Norman E. Thagard (STS-7, 51B) (75)

In 1945 Actor, Michael Cole (Pete-Mod Squad, Harlan-General Hospital) (73)

In 1946 Country singer, Johnny Lee (Looking For Love) (72)

In 1947 Actress, Betty Buckley (Abby-Eight is Enough, 1776, Pippen) (71)

In 1948 Guitarist, Paul Barrere (Little Feat, Robert Palmer) (70)

In 1949 Actress, Susan Penhaligon (Dracula, Nasty Habits) (69)

In 1949 Actress, Jan Smithers (Bailey-WKRP In Cincinnati) (69)

In 1949 Singer, Johnnie Wilder (Boogie Nights-Heatwave) [d: 5-13-06]

In 1950 Singer, Damon Harris (The Temptations) [d: 2-18-13]

In 1951 Singer/guitarist, Mike Corby (The Babys) (67)

In 1951 Haiti president, Jean-Claude Duvalier [d: 10-4-14]

In 1953 Former baseball player, Frank Tanana (Tigers) (65)

In 1955 Playmate, Julia Lyndon (August-1977) (63)

In 1956 Singer/songwriter, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) (62)

In 1956 Talk show host, Montel Williams (Montel Williams Show) (62)

In 1957 Singer, Laura Branigan (Gloria, Solitaire, Self Control) [d: 8-26-04]

In 1957 Former baseball player, Danny Heep (61)

In 1957 Author, Faye Resnick (Nicole Brown Simpson, Private Diary) (61)

In 1958 Country singer, Aaron Tippin (60)

In 1959 Actor, Andreas Wisniewski (The Living Daylights) (59)

In 1960 Keyboardist, Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Erasure) (58)

In 1960 Singer/bassist, Stephen Morgan (Icehouse) (58)

In 1961 Playmate, Liz Stewart (July-1984) (57)

In 1962 Actor, Tom Cruise (A Few Good Men, The Firm, Jerry McGuire) (56)

In 1962 Singer, Taylor Dayne (Don't Rush Me, Love Will Lead You Back) (56)

In 1962 Actor, Thomas Gibson (Dharma & Greg, Criminal Minds) (56)

In 1964 Playmate, Pia Reyes (November-1988) (54)

In 1964 Actress, Yeardley Smith (Lisa-The Simpsons, Herman's Head) (54)

In 1965 Actress, Connie Nielsen (Mission to Mars, Gladiator) (53)

In 1966 Football player, Neil O'Donnell (Steelers, Titans) (52)

In 1967 Actress, Amy Van Horne (Carla Soleito-The City) (51)

In 1968 Actor/fitness trainer, Jeff Phillips (The Guiding Light, Another World) (50)

In 1969 Rap singer, Ishmael Butler (Digable Planets) (49)

In 1969 Playmate/actress, Elan Carter (June-1994) (49)

In 1969 Keyboardist, Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies) (49)

In 1969 Actress, Shawnee Smith (Linda-Becker) (49)

In 1970 Actress/singer, Audra McDonald (48)

In 1973 Actor, Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Insidious, The Conjuring) (45)

In 1975 Actress, Keri Houlihan (Molly-Our House) (43)

In 1975 Actor, Ryan McPartlin (Hank-Passions) (43)

In 1976 Actress, Andrea Barber (Days of Our Lives, Kimmy-Full House) (42)

In 1976 Singer, Shane Lynch (Boyzone) (42)

In 1979 Actress, Elizabeth Hendrickson (Magie-All My Children) (39)

In 1980 Actress, Olivia Munn (The Newsroom, Magic Mike) (38)

In 1981 Actor, Justin Torkildsen (Rick-Bold & the Beautiful) (37)

In 1983 Singer, Steph Jones ("Celebrity Chick") (35)

In 1984 Actor, Corey Sevier (Gabriel-North Shore) (34)

In 1988 Singer, Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) (30)

In 1989 Singer, Elle King ("Ex's & Oh's") (29)

In 1991 Actor, Grant Rosenmeyer (Oliver Beene) (27)

In 1992 Guitarist, Zach Abels (The Neighbourhood) (26)

In 1993 Singer, Mathias Anderle ("Shine On") (25)

In 1997 Actress, Mia McKenna-Bruce (Tracy Beaker Survival Files) (21)

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