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Friday, July 27, 2018


A new study claims that the average person has 15 perfect days a year.

In San Francisco, they're on edge after the third murder on the BART system in less than a week.

A mayoral candidate in Key West, Florida took a call from God on his cellphone during a debate.

The world's oldest man has turned 113 in Japan.

To no surprise, Triple Crown winner Justify is retiring from horse racing.

Dwyane Wade says he's been offered $25 Million to play basketball in China.

A study says the peak time for ordering pizza is at 7:00 PM and again at 2am.

Seth Rogen is now the official voice of Vancouver, BC's TransLink's buses and SkyTrains.

Kristen Stewart is going to be part of a Charlie's Angels reboot.

The Ohio DMV is using a picture of LeBron James to discourage applicants from smiling for their driver's license photo.

You'll notice that pretty much all the fast food places have $5 specials. Their research proves that $5 sells.

RadioShack is making a comeback? They're going to be opening mini-kiosks inside HobbyTown stores.

Now Disney is saying they'll be getting rid of all of their plastic straws in their amusement parks by mid-next year.

How about a LeBron James talk show? Coming soon to an HBO near you.

The dancers on the sidelines of the Dallas Mavericks will get new uniforms and be showing less skin next season.

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