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Monday, August 13, 2018


People who are born in August are likely to become bricklayers. That's the word, believe it or not, from a British study that has found a correlation between birth month and career paths. A team from Britain's Office for National Statistics analyzed the birth months of people in 19 different occupations -- from blue collar to professionals -- using information from the most recent British census. Here is a sampling of careers likely for each birth month:
  • January: physicians and debt collectors
  • February: artists
  • March: pilots and musicians
  • April: fairly even spread of professions
  • May: politicians
  • June: chief executive officers
  • July: bricklayers, train drivers and artists
  • August: bricklayers
  • September: pro sports athletes, physicists
  • October: fairly even spread of professions
  • November: fairly even spread of professions
  • December: dentists

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