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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Born On This Day...

   In 1751 Publisher, John Fenno (founded the Gazette of the United States)
   In 1754 King Louis XVI of France (1774-93)
   In 1769 Naturalist, Georges Cuvier (science of comparative anatomy)
   In 1785 American naval hero, Oliver Hazard Perry
   In 1829 German historian/mathematician, Moritz Benedikt Cantor
   In 1842 Physicist/engineer, Osborne Reynolds (hydraulics, hydrodynamics)
   In 1849 British poet/editor, William E. Henley
   In 1869 American poet, Edgar Lee Masters (Spoon River Anthology)
   In 1871 Irish painter, Jack Butler Yeats
   In 1875 Physicist, William Henry Eccles (radio communication)
   In 1883 General, Jonathan M. Wainwright (Bataan-World War II)
   In 1890 Publisher, Harry Guggenheim (co-founded Newsday)
   In 1896 Businessman, Howard B. Johnson (restaurant/motel chain)
   In 1900 Composer, Ernst Krenek [d: 12-23-91]
   In 1905 Cartoonist, Ernie Bushmiller (Nancy) [d: 8-15-82]
   In 1906 Actor/boxer, John "Rags" Ragland [d: 8-20-46]
   In 1912 Dancer/actor, Gene Kelly (Singing in Rain) [d: 2-2-96]
   In 1917 Singer/guitarist, Tex Williams [d: 10-11-85]
   In 1922 Actress, Jean Darling (Our Gang) [d: 9-4-15]
   In 1923 Composer, Richard Adler (Damn Yankees, Pajama Game) [d: 6-21-12]
   In 1929 Actress, Vera Miles (Psycho) (89)
   In 1929 Golf Hall-of-Famer, Peter Thomson (89)
   In 1931 Actress, Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie, Harper Valley PTA) (87)
   In 1932 Political satirist, Mark Russell (Real People) (86)
   In 1933 Former governor, Pete Wilson (California) (85)
   In 1934 Football Hall-of-Famer, Sonny Jurgensen (Eagles, Redskins) (84)
   In 1936 Singer, Rudy Lewis (The Drifters) [d: 5-20-64]
   In 1940 Actor/director, Tony Bill (The Sting, My Bodyguard, Shampoo) (78)
   In 1940 Actor, Richard Sanders (Les Nessman-WKRP in Cincinnati) (78)
   In 1942 Ballet dancer, Patricia McBride (NYC Ballet) (76)
   In 1942 Tennis player, Nancy Richey (U.S. Doubles 1965, 66) (76)
   In 1943 Actor, Bobby Diamond (Duncan Gillis-Dobie Gillis) (75)
   In 1944 Swedish model, Lena Tabori (74)
   In 1945 Actor, Bob Peck (Game Warden-Jurassic Park) [d: 4-4-99]
   In 1946 Drummer, Keith Moon (The Who) [d: 9-8-78]
   In 1947 Country singer, Rex Allen Jr. (Nashville on the Road) (71)
   In 1948 Baseball player, Ron Blomberg (Yankees) (70)
   In 1949 Actress, Shelley Long (Diane Chambers-Cheers, The Money Pit) (69)
   In 1949 Singer/actor, Rick Springfield (Jessie's Girl, Affair of Heart) (69)
   In 1951 Comedian/actor, Mark Hudson (Bonkers, Hudson Brothers Show) (67)
   In 1951 Singer, Jimi Jameson (Survivor) [d: 8-31-14]
   In 1953 Singer, Bobby G. (Bucks Fizz) (65)
   In 1954 Playmate/actress, Cathy Saint George (August-1982) (64)
   In 1956 Actor, Skipp Sudduth (Sully-Third Watch) (62)
   In 1956 Astronaut, David A. Wolf (STS-58, Mir) (62)
   In 1957 Baseball player, Michael Boddicker (Orioles, Royals, Red Sox) (61)
   In 1960 Actor/cartoon voice, Chris Potter (Gambon-X Men) (58)
   In 1961 Guitarist, Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) (57)
   In 1962 Singer, Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays) (56)
   In 1962 Singer, Curtis Wong (Mickey Mouse Club 70s) (56)
   In 1963 Auto racer, Kenny Wallace (55)
   In 1964 Singer/songwriter, Pebbles [Perri McKissack] (Mercedes Boy) (54)
   In 1966 Playmate/actor, Laura Richmond (September-1988) (52)
   In 1967 Comedian/actor, Ant [Anthony Steven Kalloniatis] (51)
   In 1970 Bassist, Ira Dean (Trick Pony) (48)
   In 1970 Playmate, Amanda Hope (July-1992) (48)
   In 1970 Actor, Jay Mohr (Jerry McGuire, Small Soldiers) (48)
   In 1970 Actor, River Phoenix (Stand By Me, Sneakers) [d: 10-31-93]
   In 1974 Actor, Ray Park (Darth Maul-Star Wars: Episode I) (44)
   In 1976 Actor, Scott Caan (Ocean's Eleven, Hawaii Five-0) (42)
   In 1978 Basketball player, Kobe Bryant (Lakers) (40)
   In 1978 Singer, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) (40)
   In 1979 Singer, Rich Neville (Five Guys) (39)
   In 1980 Actress, Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) (38)
   In 1982 Actor, Brandon Tyler (Philip-Days of Our Lives) (36)
   In 1987 Actor, Chris Galya (Jessie, Acting Dead) (31)
   In 1988 Basketball player, Jeremy Lin (Knicks, Rockets, Lakers) (30)
   In 1990 Basketball player, Seth Curry (Grizzlies) (28)
   In 1995 Singer, Chrissy Costanza (Against the Current) (23)
   In 1997 Rap singer, Lil Yachty ("1Night") (21)

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