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Monday, August 6, 2018

Born On This Day...

   In 1667 Swiss mathematician, Johann I Bernoulli (measurement of curves)
   In 1697 Charles VII, Holy Roman emperor (1742-45)
   In 1809 English poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson (The Charge of the Light Brigade)
   In 1861 Edith Kermit Roosevelt, second wife of President Theodore Roosevelt
   In 1866 Actor, Chief Thundercloud (The Lone Ranger)
   In 1880 Actor, Leo Carrillo (Pancho-The Cisco Kid)
   In 1881 Scientist, Sir Alexander Fleming (discovered penicillin)
   In 1881 Columnist/journalist, Louella Parsons (Hollywood Gossip)
   In 1883 American sociologist/author, Scott Nearing
   In 1892 Actor, Hoot Gibson (silent westerns)
   In 1904 College basketball coach, Henry "Hank" Iba (767 wins) [d: 1-15-93]
   In 1905 Conductor, Franz Allers (Camelot, My Fair Lady) [d: 1-28-95]
   In 1908 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Helen Hull Jacobs (Wimbledon, 1936) [d: 6-2-97]
   In 1908 Actor, William A. "Will" Lee (Mr. Hooper-Sesame Street) [d: 12-7-82]
   In 1911 Actress, Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show) [d: 4-26-89]
   In 1916 Children's author/illustrator, Barbara Cooney [d: 3-10-00]
   In 1917 Actor, Robert Mitchum (Cape Fear, Winds of War) [d: 7-1-97]
   In 1919 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Pauline Betz Addie (Wimbledon, 1946) [d: 5-31-11]
   In 1921 Actress, Ella Raines (Janet Dean: Registered Nurse) [d: 6-6-88]
   In 1922 Game show host/airline executive, Sir Freddie Laker [d: 2-9-06]
   In 1923 Actor, Jackie Kelk (Homer Brown-The Aldrich Family) [d: 9-5-02]
   In 1925 Actress, Barbara Bates (Kathy-It's A Great Life) [d: 3-18-69]
   In 1928 Fencer, Janice-Lee York Romary (10 U.S. championships) [d: 5-31-07]
   In 1928 Pop artist/producer, Andy Warhol [d: 2-22-87]
   In 1934 English explorer, John Storey Bonington (climbed Annapurna I) (84)
   In 1936 Jazz guitarist, Baden Powell (bossa nova pioneer) [d: 9-26-00]
   In 1938 Actor/director, Peter Bonerz (Jerry-Bob Newhart Show, 9 to 5) (80)
   In 1939 Saxophonist, Mike Elliott (Foundations)
   In 1940 Actress, Louise Sorel (One Life to Live, Santa Barbara) (78)
   In 1943 Actor, Michael Anderson Jr. (Clayt-The Monroes) (75)
   In 1943 Actor, Ray Buktenica (Rhoda, House Calls, Life Goes On) (75)
   In 1947 Football player, Ken Riley (Bengals, Super Bowl XVI) (71)
   In 1948 Choreographer, Michael Peters (Dreamgirls, Thriller) [d: 8-27-94]
   In 1950 Actor, Dorian Harewood (Roots, Strike Force, Trauma Center) (68)
   In 1950 Actor, Nathan Purdee (Young & Restless, One Life to Live) (68)
   In 1951 Actress, Catherine Hicks (Star Trek IV, Annie-Seventh Heaven) (67)
   In 1952 Singer/guitarist, Pat McDonald (Timbuk 3) (66)
   In 1956 Actress, Stepfanie Kramer (Dee Dee McCall-Hunter) (62)
   In 1957 Actress, Faith Prince (Val-High Society) (61)
   In 1958 Singer/bassist, Randy DeBarge (DeBarge) (60)
   In 1959 Actor, Scott Allan Campbell (IAB Sgt. Martens-NYPD Blue) (59)
   In 1960 Actor, Grant Aleksander (The Guiding Light, All My Children) (58)
   In 1962 Actress, Michelle Khan (Wai Lin-Tomorrow Never Dies) (56)
   In 1964 Actress, Lisa Boyle (Showgirls, Face/Off) (54)
   In 1964 Country singers, Patsy & Peggy Lynn (Loretta's twin daughters) (54)
   In 1965 Basketball player, David Robinson (Olympic-Gold-1992, 96) (53)
   In 1966 Dancer, Nita Dee Di Giampaolo (Mickey Mouse Club-70s) (52)
   In 1966 Golfer, Billy Mayfair (52)
   In 1968 Country singer, Lisa Stewart (50)
   In 1971 Actress, Merrin Dungey (Francine-Alias) (47)
   In 1972 Singer, Geri Estelle Halliwell (Ex-Spice Girls) (46)
   In 1973 Actor/singer, David Campbell (45)
   In 1973 Actress, Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring, The Departed) (45)
   In 1974 Actor, Ever Carradine (Party Of Five, Once & Again) (44)
   In 1976 Actress, Soleil Moon Frye (Punky-Punky Brewster) (42)
   In 1976 Actress, Melissa George (Sugar & Spice, Lauren-Alias) (42)
   In 1981 Stage actor, Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton) (37)
   In 1991 Baseball player, Wilmer Flores (Mets) (27)
   In 1993 Model, Charlotte McKinney (Dancing with the Stars) (25)
   In 2001 Actor, Ty Simpkins (Iron Man 3, Jurassic World) (17)

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