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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Born On This Day...

   In 1763 First U.S. professional architect, Charles Bulfinch
   In 1799 Explorer, Nathaniel Palmer (sighted Antarctica on 11-18-1820)
   In 1819 Editor/journalist, Charles Anderson Dana (The New York Sun)
   In 1861 Scientist/biologist, William Bateson (founded genetics)
   In 1866 Explorer, Matthew A. Henson (reached North Pole with Peary)
   In 1879 Social reformer, Dr. Robert Smith (Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder)
   In 1879 Mexican revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata
   In 1884 Poet, Sara Teasdale
   In 1887 Actor, Malcolm Keen (Uncle Chris-Mama)
   In 1896 Author, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (The Yearling)
   In 1900 Bandleader/conductor, Victor Young [d: 11-11-56]
   In 1901 Inventor, Ernest O Lawrence (Cyclotron, Nobel-1939) [d: 8-27-58]
   In 1902 British physicist, Paul Dirac (quantum mechanics) [d: 10-20-84]
   In 1907 Jazz musician/composer, Benny Carter [d: 7-12-03]
   In 1908 U.S. Supreme Court justice, Arthur Goldberg (1962-65) [d: 1-19-90]
   In 1910 Actress, Sylvia Sidney (Mrs. Carlson-WKRP, Beetlejuice) [d: 7-1-99]
   In 1911 Actress, Rosetta LeNoire (Grandma-Family Matters) [d: 3-17-02]
   In 1913 Bandleader, Alex Stordahl (Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher) [d: 8-30-63]
   In 1917 Actress, Anne Francine (Flora-Harper Valley PTA) [d: 12-3-90]
   In 1919 Producer, Dino De Laurentiis (King Kong, Conan The Barbarian) [d: 11-10-10]
   In 1922 Actor, Rory Calhoun (Capitol, The Blue & the Gray) [d: 4-28-99]
   In 1922 Fashion designer, Rudi Gernreich (topless swimsuit) [d: 4-21-85]
   In 1923 Actress/swimmer, Esther Williams (Dangerous When Wet) [d: 6-6-13]
   In 1923 Singer/bassist, Jimmy Witherspoon [d: 9-18-97]
   In 1926 Actor, Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman-Six Million Dollar Man) [d: 9-1-17]
   In 1926 Trombonist, Urbie Green (played with Cab Calloway) (92)
   In 1926 Country singer, Webb Pierce (In The Jailhouse Now) [d: 2-24-91]
   In 1927 Actor, Carl Switzer (Alfalfa-Our Gang) [d: 1-20-59]
   In 1928 Baseball player, Johnny Temple (5-time All-Star) [d: 1-9-94]
   In 1930 Joan Mondale, wife of 42nd U.S. vice-president Water Mondale [d: 2-3-14]
   In 1930 Actress, Nina Talbot (Supertrain, The Thin Man) (88)
   In 1931 Mathematician, Sir Roger Penrose (calculated black holes) (87)
   In 1932 Singer/songwriter, Mel Tillis (Who's Julie) [d: 11-19-17]
   In 1933 Singer, Joe Tex (I Gotcha, Skinny Legs & All) [d: 8-13-82]
   In 1934 Actor, Keith Barron (Att Earth's Core, Baby Love) [d: 11-15-17]
   In 1936 Runner, Don Bowden (first American to run a sub 4 minute mile) (82)
   In 1936 Baseball player, Frank Howard (NL Rookie, 1960) (82)
   In 1937 Actor, Dustin Hoffman (Graduate, Kramer vs. Kramer, Outbreak) (81)
   In 1938 Actress, Connie Stevens (Hawaiian Eye, Back to Beach) (80)
   In 1939 Singer, Phil Balsley (Statler Brothers) (79)
   In 1944 Actress, Brooke Bundy (Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital) (74)
   In 1947 Baseball player, Jose Cruz (Cardinals, Astros) (71)
   In 1947 Actor, Larry Wilcox (Lassie, Jon Baker-CHiPs) (71)
   In 1948 Singer/guitarist, Andy Fairweather-Low (70)
   In 1948 Actress, Veronica Redd-Forrest (Mamie-Young & the Restless) (70)
   In 1949 Actor, Keith Carradine (Dexter, Madam Secretary) (69)
   In 1949 Football player, Brian Sipe (Browns) (69)
   In 1950 Drummer, Willie Hall (Booker T. & the MG's) (68)
   In 1952 Actress/air talent, Robin Quivers (Private Parts) (66)
   In 1952 Drummer/songwriter, Ali Score (A Flock Of Seagulls) (66)
   In 1953 Basketball player, Lou Dunbar (Harlem Globetrotters) (65)
   In 1953 Auto racer, Nigel Mansell (1992 Formula One) (65)
   In 1953 Actor, Donny Most (Ralph Malph-Happy Days) (65)
   In 1956 Guitarist, Chris Foreman (Madness) (62)
   In 1957 Broadcast journalist, Nancy Glass (American Journal) (61)
   In 1958 Actor/singer, Harry Crosby (Friday the 13th) (60)
   In 1958 Broadcast journalist, Deborah Norville (Inside Editon) (60)
   In 1961 Guitarist, David Evans (aka "The Edge" U2) (57)
   In 1961 Drummer, Rikki Rockett (Poison) (57)
   In 1962 Rap singer, Kool Moe Dee (56)
   In 1962 Actress, Suzee Pai (Big Trouble in Little China) (56)
   In 1962 Guitarist, Ralph Rieckermann (Scorpions) (56)
   In 1963 U.S. high jumper, Carol Lewis (Olympics-9th-1984) (55)
   In 1968 Wrestler, Sable [Rena Richardson] (50)
   In 1970 Actor, Chris Beetem (As the World Turns, General Hospital) (48)
   In 1973 Actress, Senta Moses (Nikki-Running the Halls) (45)
   In 1973 Country singer, Mark Wills (45)
   In 1974 Actor, Kohl Sudduth (All My Children, Rounders, Bowfinger) (44)
   In 1975 Singer, Taryll Jackson (3T) (43)
   In 1975 Guitarist, Tom Linton (Jimmy Eat World) (43)
   In 1976 Actor/singer, J.C. Chasez (MMC 90's, 'N Sync) (42)
   In 1976 Singer, Drew Lachey (98 Degrees) (42)
   In 1977 Actress, Lindsay Sloane (Valerie-Sabrina the Teenage Witch) (41)
   In 1977 R&B singer, Marsha Ambrosius (41)
   In 1978 Garfield's comic strip sidekick, Odie (40)
   In 1978 Actress, Countess Vaughn (Kim-Moesha) (40)
   In 1981 Tennis player, Roger Federer (19 grand slams, 8 Wimbledon) (37)
   In 1981 Actress, Meagan Good (Think Like a Man, Californication) (37)
   In 1981 Singer, Bradley McIntosh (S Club 7) (37)
   In 1986 Actress, Jackie Cruz (Orange is the New Black) (32)
   In 1987 Actress, Katie Leung (Harry Potter series) (31)
   In 1988 Princess, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (Prince Andrew) (30)
   In 1989 Actor, Ken Baumann (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) (29)
   In 1989 Baseball player, Anthony Rizzo (Padres, Cubs) (29)
   In 1992 Actor, Casey Cott (Riverdale) (26)
   In 1998 Singer, Shawn Mendes ("Life of the Party") (20)
   In 2001 Actress, Aubrey Miller (Austin & Ally) (17)

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