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Monday, August 6, 2018


A womens magazine threw out these stats about women flying:
  • Having to sit still is the top gripe about flying.
  • In this order the AW's other "top gripes" about flying are pricey tickets, uncomfortable seats, and long airport lines.
  • 18% of women say they've taken out their frustrations on a gate or ticket agent.
  • 48% of adults with a fear of flying think a pre or in-flight cocktails will help them chill out.
  • One drink in the air equals 2.5 drinks in a bar.
  • 31% of women have flown with a pet.
  • 27% of women think stowing their pet under the seat in front of her is cruel.
  • 44% of women say they've flown first-class.
  • The AW's favorite first-class perk is bigger seats.
  • The AW would least like to sit next to someone with BO, runners-up a crying baby, and a drunk.
  • 20% of women have say they've awakened to find their head mortifyingly close to a strangers shoulder.
  • 55% say they've asked a stranger to swap seats with their friend or partner.
  • 10% of these request were denied.
  • 8% of women say they wouldn't give up their seat if asked.
  • 18% dread lugging gifts through the airport.
  • The longest flight delay the AW says she's experienced is 3 hours or more.
  • The one thing that helps her cope with traveling is a good book.
  • 1 out of 3 women say they've hit it off with a random male seat mate.

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