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Monday, August 27, 2018


Marie Claire got inside the heads of men for their real thoughts on everything from sex to shampoo.
  • A snoopy 34% of men have logged on to a girlfriend's e-mail.
  • A majority of men, 59%, reported they would take a male birth control pill.
  • Given the choice between sex everyday and good sex once a month, 63% of men would choose to get it on 7 days a week.
  • More men, 39%, would rather smell a woman's soap or shampoo on her than perfume, which 33% of guys preferred.
  • 75% of men think they wear the pants in the relationship. But, 56% of women think they do. Who's right?
  • 35% of men have slept with 1 to 3 women.
  • 37% of men would cheat if they knew they wouldn't get caught.
  • 57% of men consider kissing cheating.
  • There's room for improvement for these boyfriends. 18% of men wish their girlfriends were richer and 16% want them to have bigger breasts.
  • One out of ten men have had sex at a bachelor party.

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