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Monday, August 6, 2018




The word "just" describes something that recently happened. People have various ideas of how long "recently" is. This causes miscommunications. More accurate and precise time statements, such as "10 minutes ago," avoid the miscommunications of "just" statements.


"Should" creates a vicious cycle of obligation and regret. People use "should" to reflect on regrets or declare an obligation. Reflecting on "should" scenarios wastes time and increases depression.


The word "but" encourages pessimistic thoughts and actions to flourish. People use the word to introduce objections, contrasting statements, and exceptions. Uses of "but" like "I lost two pounds, but I still look fat" discourage positivity and focuses on the negative.


Words like "always" allow people to keep a closed mind when it comes to the idea of change. A person lacks the ability to control that something will "always" happen.


The word "actually" is unnecessary and leads to miscommunications. The word "actually" often emphasizes surprise. People misinterpret "actually" phrases as condescending when they come before a positive statement, such as "he actually passed his test.


People often find themselves declaring "never" statements about an uncontrollable future. They go out of their ways to avoid doing a task. However, they ultimately accept defeat and discontinue avoiding the task.


Responding "Maybe" when you should be making a decision only tells others that you are indecisive and show uncertainty when deciding on a course of action. Although this is a hard word to let go of, try to decrease its use and instead use "I will" or "I will not.


The word "really" makes you sound like you're trying to emphasize the validity or effectiveness of something. Using this word over and over again can create a sense of mistrust from the people you're talking to!

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