Born On This Day...

Born On This Day...
   In 1545 English navigator, Sir Francis Drake
   In 1689 King John V Of Portugal (1706-50)
   In 1811 Hungarian composer/pianist, Franz Liszt
   In 1821 Businessman, Collis Porter Huntington (Transcontinental Railroad)
   In 1843 Chemist, Stephen Babcock (scientific dairying)
   In 1880 Foootball Hall-of-Famer, Joseph F. "Joe" Carr (AAFA)
   In 1882 Engineer, Lewis Chubb (established first U.S. radio station)
   In 1885 Opera singer, Giovanni Martinelli (New York Metropolitian Opera)
   In 1895 Basketball player, Johnny Beckman ("The Babe Ruth of Basketball")
   In 1896 Biochemist, Charles Glenn King (discovered vitamin C)
   In 1903 Scientist, George Wells Beadle (biochemical genetics) [d: 6-9-89]
   In 1903 Actor, Jerome "Curly" Howard (Three Stooges 1932-47) [d: 1-18-52]
   In 1903 Actor/dancer, Jimmy Ritz (The Ritz Brothers) [d: 11-17-85]
   In 1905 Actress, Constance Campbell Bennett (Madame X) [d: 7-24-65]
   In 1905 Engineer, Karl Jansky (cosmic radio emissions) [d: 2-14-50]
   In 1906 Author/playwright, Sidney Kingsley [d: 3-20-95]
   In 1907 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Jimmie Foxx (Tigers, Red Sox) [d: 7-21-67]
   In 1907 Painter/muralist, Henriette Wyeth [d: 4-3-97]
   In 1915 Actor, Harry Hickox (Sgt. King-No Time for Sergeants) (100)
   In 1917 Actress, Joan Fontaine (No More Ladies, Rebecca, Suspicion) [d: 12-15-13]
   In 1920 Actress, Mitzi Green (Little Orphan Annie) [d: 5-24-69]
   In 1920 Psychologist/philosopher, Dr. Timothy Leary [d: 5-31-96]
   In 1925 Basketball Hall-of-Famer, Slater Martin (Lakers, Knicks) (90)
   In 1923 Football Hall-of-Famer, Pete Pihos (Eagles) (92)
   In 1925 Artist, Robert Rauschenberg (90)
   In 1929 Singer/lyricist, Dory Previn (Love Be My Cover) (86)
   In 1935 Badmitton player, Judy Devlin Hashman (10-time champ, 1957-67) (80)
   In 1938 Actor, Derek Jacobi (Strauss Family, I Claudius) (77)
   In 1938 Actor, Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future, Addams Family) (77)
   In 1939 Actor, Tony Roberts (Annie Hall, Four Seasons, All My Children) (76)
   In 1941 Actor, Charles Keating (Going to Extremes, Another World) (74)
   In 1942 Singer/guitarist, Bobby Fuller (I Fought The Law) [d: 7-18-66]
   In 1942 Actress/singer, Annette Funicello (Mickey Mouse Club) [d: 4-8-13]
   In 1943 French model/actress, Catherine Deneuve (The Last Napolean) (72)
   In 1945 Singer/guitarist, Leslie West (Mountian) (70)
   In 1946 Singer/songwriter, Eddie Brigati (Rascals) (69)
   In 1947 Actress, Lee Meredith (Producers) (68)
   In 1948 Boxer, John Peterson (Olympic-Gold-1976) (67)
   In 1952 Actor, Jeff Goldblum (The Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day) (63)
   In 1960 Singer, Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) (55)
   In 1961 Football player, Leonard Marshall (Giants, Jets) (54)
   In 1961 Tennis player, Barbara Potter (54)
   In 1961 Actor, Robert Torti (Days of Our Lives, Drew Carey Show) (54)
   In 1963 Figure skater, Brian Boitano (Olympic-Gold-1988) (52)
   In 1963 Playmate, Cherie Witter (February-1985) (52)
   In 1964 Comedian/actor, Bob Odenkirk (51)
   In 1966 Actress/model, Valeria Golino (Rain Man, Hot Shots) (49)
   In 1968 Country singer, Shelby Lynne (47)
   In 1968 Rap singer, Shaggy [Orville Richard Burrell] (47)
   In 1970 Rap singer, Tracey Lee (45)
   In 1971 Tennis player, Amanda Coetzer (44)
   In 1974 Playmate, Layla Harvest Roberts (October-1997) (41)
   In 1975 Actor, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) (40)
   In 1981 Actor, Michael Fishman (D.J. Conner-Roseanne) (34)
   In 1982 TV talk show host, Michael Essany (33)
   In 1985 Singer/drummer, Zac Hanson (Hanson) (30)

   In 1990 Actor, Jonathan William Lipnicki (Justin-Jeff Foxworthy Show) (25)


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