You've heard them all before or maybe you haven't. Here's a chance to test your knowledge of sayings that became so popular they turned into cliches. Test your adage IQ by finishing the cliches:

  1. Many hands.... (make light work)
  2. Any friend of yours... (is a friend of mine)
  3. A chain is only... (as strong as its weakest link)
  4. The acorn doesn't... (fall far from the tree)
  5. Build a better mousetrap... (and the world will beat a path to your door)
  6. Behind the clouds... (the sun is shining)
  7. Truth is nothing but... (a feeling that something is true)
  8. Most of the mountains we have in life... (are the ones we build ourselves)
  9. Winning is about power... (not about the quality of your weapons)
  10. The waiting... (is the hardest part)
  11. The more things change... (the more they stay the same)
  12. Life's not so bad... (when you consider the alternative)
  13. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance... (baffle them with your B.S.)
  14. When in doubt... (consult your inner child)
  15. You are a loser... (only when you fail to try)
  16. Never forget you're unique... (just like everybody else)
  17. Just remember, beauty... (is just a light switch away)
  18. Life is what happens... (while you're busy making other plans)
  19. I was born at night... (but not last night)
  20. There is a thin line... (between love and hate)


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