Kelly Osbourne turns 31 today. She's not doing too badly, considering she has Ozzie genes in her. She, of course, is famous for... uh, being famous.
Simon Lebon of Duran Duran turns 57 today. Not surprising, he likes wines from Walla Walla and goes to Little Caesar's for Pizza Pizza. Some say he's the "Duran" in Duran Duran. They just don't say which one.
Golf Hall-of-Famer Patty Sheehan turns 59 today. She's the golfer that protested out in front of former President Bush's house, right? Wait... I think I'm confused.
Lee Greenwood, Mr. "God Bless the USA," turns 73 today. No doubt, a red, white and blue birthday cake again.

And now for something completely different -- John Cleese of Monty Python fame turns 76 today.


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