It's Halloween Eve and the final Friday of October -- are you ready for November?
Ivanka Trump -- Donald's little girl -- turns 34 today.
  • I'm sure her birthday is going to be HUGE!
  • What do you get for someone who has probably already bought it for herself?
  • She has her father's hair, but promises to give it back after Halloween.
  • Why she hasn't sued him for that name yet is beyond me.

Gavin Rossdale turns 48 today. He's with Bush... not that Bush, the band.
Harry Hamlin is 64 today. I guess that answers my "Grecian Formula" question.
Henry Winkler, "The Fonz," turns 70 today.
  • He's gone from "Heyyyyyy..." to "Eh?"
  • He taught us what it was like to be cool... and helped us create the phrase, "Jump the shark!"
  • Back in the day, his big catch-phrase was "Hey!." Today, it's "Eh?"
  • There was a time he was so cool. Now, he's too cold and sits around in his leather sweater.

Singer Grace Slick turns 76 today. She was the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and now Jefferson Senior Shuttle Van.

National Candy Corn Day -- Each year Americans consume enough Brach's Candy Corn that if laid end-to-end, would circle the earth 4.25 times.


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