• Cover yourself with a clear plastic garbage bag, fill it with different colored balloons, write 'M' on the balloons and go as a bag of M&M's.
  • Wrap yourself in tin foil and go as leftovers!
  • Cover your and your friends in sheets. One person wears horns, and goes as bull sheet. The other has feathers, chicken sheet. And finally wear a sign that says 'happens.' Sheet happens.
  • Wear a green shirt and attach Christmas ornaments, go as a Christmas tree.
  • Painted your head red and go as a candy apple.
  • Dye Your hair blue and say you're a Ban Roll-On.
  • Put on dark glasses and write "venetian" across your chest and go as a venetian blind.

The EZ Foil company says it's easy-to-make Halloween costumes. The company recommends using their pans to make costumes like turtle and cel phones and robots. This led to other creative and cost-effective costumes. People love to brag about being cheap.


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