• Supergirl made her debut on CBS Monday night, and overnight ratings reveal that the high-flying drama flew in like a speeding bullet with 13 million total.
  • Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are divorcing after two years of marriage.
  • According to the deposition of a friend, Bobbi Kristina was using heroin and smoked marijuana and crack often, shortly before her death.
  • Tia Tequila shared a picture on Instagram of her daughter dressed up like Hitler for Halloween. Backlash ensued.
  • Sad news for Noah Galaway, the double-amputee who proposed on "Dancing with the Stars." He and his fiancee have called off their engagement.
  • Tim McGraw and Faith Hill reached a new milestone as parents this fall, when the couple's eldest daughter, Gracie, went off to college.
  • Taco Bell is testing out a new breakfast item in some of their markets -- the Croissant Taco.
  • Donald Trump's latest book came out yesterday.
  • R.E.I. announced that they're closing all their stores on Black Friday and giving their employees a paid day off.
  • A new study claims that 1 child in every 14 has had a parent locked up in jail.
  • The University of Mississippi took down the state flags from around campus on Monday because it contains the confederate flag.
  • Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker says he offered his friends $1 million to take his life after a deadly plane crash that left him badly burned.
  • The average price scalpers are asking for in New York for the World Series -- $1700 a ticket.
  • Donald Trump hasn't hosted Saturday Night Live yet. He's schedule for November 7th, but lots of groups, including Latinos, are making their opposition known.
  • In New Mexico, a guy killed his roommate, fearing he was turning into a zombie, after binge-watching episodes of "The Walking Dead."
  • Florida Gulf Coast University is banning zombies from its annual Zombiefest. The school is also banning goblins and ghosts.
  • Netflix has secured the rights to show "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in 2016, but only in Canada.


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