Supergirl Is Here to Save the Day!

Supergirl Is Here to Save the Day! Did She Save Yours? It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a terrible opening line for an article about CBS' newest series, Supergirl! TV has been pretty lacking in the female superhero department for quite a while now, but as of Monday night, Supergirl has arrived to save the world and change the game. Gone are the days of broody dudes agonizing over their identity or the fact that they actually punched a hole in their locker. Supergirl's Kara starts the series already knowing exactly who she is. In Monday night's first episode, it was all about deciding that it was finally time for Kara to use her super powers instead of hiding them away. Over the course of one first episode, Kara decided to start using her powers, told her friend about it, and suited up before learning about her adopted sister's secret military job and being forced to fight some superpowered criminals. So that was a lot, but it was also a lot of fun. Remember when it took Smallville's Clark Kent about 10 years to finally put that (CGI'd) suit on? Yeah, this is not that. Not only is the regular cast impressive -- Calista Flockhart! Jeremy Jordan! Mehcad Brooks! Chyler Leigh! Laura Benanti! A cameo by Dean Cain! -- but Supergirl has already lined up an impressive list of guest stars for its first season, giving us just a taste of the heroes and villains we're about to encounter. Not only will we get to know Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Lois Lane's little sister Lucy, but we'll also meet the Toyman, played by Revenge's Henry Czerny. Toyman's big thing is weaponizing toys with which to destroy the world, along with reuniting with his son, Winn (Winslow Schott Jr.). Villains Non (Chris Vance) and Red Tornado (Iddo Goldberg) will also be appearing this season. Non is a former Kryptonian scientist/military officer and Red Tornado is an android designed to be a military weapon who became a threat to the very nation that created it. We listed Supergirl as #6 in our ranking of the new fall shows. (Eonline)


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