Many people are hopping on the new trend of not dieting, but eating healthier. That's according to researcher NPD Group, which tracks what Americans eat. 29% of women polled admitted they are on a diet, along with 19% of men. Ten years ago, 35% of women and 23% of men were dieting. For 68% of men and women who are dieting, their prime motivation isn't to lose weight, but rather to improve their overall health. Want more? 
  • 60% of adults who want to lose weight would like to lose 20 pounds. 
  • The most popular diet is one people make up themselves, thanks to more detailed nutritional labels on packaged foods. 
  • The most popular do-it-yourself weight loss plan is focused on portion control. 
  • 9% said they were losing weight through an "extreme diet" with severe calorie restrictions or by eliminating an entire food group, such as carbohydrates. 
  • 10 years ago more than 50% said an overweight person is unattractive; today just 25% agree with that.


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