"This Summer's Hot New Sport: Sand Boarding!"
Trash! But if you try to make it a fad, I want a 10% cut for the idea.

"Dennis Rodman Believes He's Responsible for Peace in Korea!"
Truth! The former NBA star says it all goes back to a gift he says he offered to Kim Jong Un during a trip to North Korea last year: a copy of Trump's book The Art of the Deal, which Rodman believes offered Kim deeper insights into Trump, whom Rodman calls "a good friend." Rodman thinks that gesture, and his other efforts as a "sports ambassador," have "resonated" with the North Korean leader.

"New Church Worships The Ghost of Prince!"
Trash! It's actually the ghost of the ghost formerly known as Prince

"Surfer Sets New Record Surfing 80-foot Wave!"
Truth! Officials at the World Surf League determined that Rodrigo Koxa set a new record last November for the biggest wave ever surfed when he rode an 80-foot wave off Nazare, Portugal.

"South Korean President Wants Nobel Prize for Trump!"
Truth! President Moon Jae-in made the comment during a Cabinet meeting, in response to a congratulatory letter from the wife of the late South Korean leader Kim Dae-jung. In the letter, Lee Hee-ho told Moon that his "great work" deserved a Nobel, the same honor her husband received after organizing the first Korean summit back in 2000.

"Bananas Help Beautify Your Skin!"
Trash! But they do give you a peel.

"Ford to begin making Chevy's!"
Trash! They thought about it, but decided to dodge it.

"Saudi Arabia Has Already Beheaded 48 People This Year!"
Truth! And half of those people were put to death over non-violent drug charges! Human rights groups are going bonkers.


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