What was the last lie you told your mother or your spouse? If you're like most others, you lied about one of two things: your spending/purchases and/or your sexual experience. These are the two most common lies we tell, according to a Harris Poll of 2,097 U.S. adults. While we are most likely to lie to our parents and our spouse/significant other, we are least likely to lie to a sibling.

To whom are we lying? 

Parents: 43 percent
Spouse/significant other: 41 percent
Doctor: 38 percent
Best friend: 36 percent
Sibling: 32 percent
What lies do we tell our parents?
Spending/purchases: 15 percent
Sexual experience: 14 percent
Alcohol use: 12 percent
Illegal substance abuse: 12 percent
Physical health: 11 percent
Cigarette use: 10 percent

What lies do we tell our spouse/significant other? 

Spending/purchases: 21 percent
Sexual experience: 14 percent
Eating habits: 12 percent
Physical health: 10 percent
Alcohol use: 8 percent
Exercise habits: 8 percent
What lies do we tell our doctors?
Exercise: 15 percent
Eating habits: 14 percent
Physical health: 10 percent

What lies do we tell our best friends? 

Sexual experience: 12 percent
Income/salary: 8 percent
Political opinions: 8 percent
Religious beliefs: 7 percent

What lies do we tell our siblings? 

Spending/purchases: 9 percent
Sexual experience: 7 percent
Income/salary: 7 percent

From overdoing it while out with friends last night to not wanting to run into a certain someone at a cocktail party, there are plenty of reasons we might want to get out of a variety of engagements. Of course, often the truth is not the most diplomatic approach.

Percentage of U.S. adults who have lied to get out of... 

Work: 37 percent
Social event: 32 percent
School: 26 percent
Family gathering: 23 percent
Date: 14 percent
Religious event: 10 percent
Doctor's appointment: 10 percent
Speeding ticket: 7 percent
Jury duty: 6 percent


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