On this date in 1840, New Zealand was declared a British colony. That inspired the song, "Itsy, bitsy, teeny-weeny, brand-new colony of kiwi."

In 1881, the American Red Cross was launched by Clara Barton.
  • On the first day, their job was to come up with a logo. Needless to say, it was an easy first day. 
  • At first, the organization was a disaster. But, since that's what they help out with, it all worked out. 
  • They would have formed sooner, but they couldn't think of a good logo. Eventually, the obvious took over. 

On this date in 1908, the very first horror film, "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," premiered in Chicago. Critics loved it, then hated, then loved it again. That was back then when the scariest thing was popcorn for 10 cents.

In 1919, congress voted to give women the right to vote... so that they could share the blame.

It was on this date in 1927 that Charles Lindbergh landed his "Spirit of St. Louis" in France, completing the first trans-Atlantic airplane crossing.
  • Well, not trans THAT way. Just across the water. 
  • The tough part was not realizing until he was in the air: no restroom. 
  • It only cost him $40 in fuel and $100 in luggage fees. 
  • He landed in Paris. In a bizarre twist, his luggage went on to Berlin! 

In 1948, President Truman proposed statehood for Alaska. It would take 11 years to finally make that happen. Most of that time spent trying to figure out how it would mess up the stars on our flag.

On this date in 1989 Yulia Sukhanova is chosen as the first-ever Miss Soviet Union. She really impressed the judges with her weight-lifting routine.


Singer Gotye, somebody that you used to know, turns 38 today.

Rapper Havoc turns 44 today. His cousin, Mayhem, is a spokesperson for Allstate Insurance.

Judge Reinhold ("Beverly Hills Cop") celebrates his 61st birthday today. He's actually not a Judge. Then again, he's not really an actor.

Laurence Tero turns 66 today. He's better known as "Mr. T."
  • He tried Mr. A through Mr. S and they just didn't have the same feeling. 
  • We pity the fool that wishes him a happy 66th. 
  • We pity the fool who suggests he retire. 

Former SNL cast member turned former U.S. Senator Al Franken turns 67 today.

Seventies singer Leo Sayer is now 70 himself.

National Waiters and Waitresses Day -- Here are five ways waiters get you to tip them more.

1. Breasts
A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that waitresses with larger self-reported breast size received bigger tips, while a second study in the International Journal of Hospitality Management found that waitresses' use of makeup significantly increased their tips. Female servers can also increase their tips by drawing a smiley face on the check--but this doesn't work as well for male servers.

2. Be Friendly
The friendlier the server, the more likely a customer will leave a generous tip. Friendly behavior includes smiling, greeting and even touching customers and crouching down beside the customers while taking orders.

3. Copycats
Restaurant servers who copy their customers' behavior get double the tips of servers who don't do this. And the No. 1 way to mirror the customer--and get a big payoff for doing it--is to repeat back the order, according to a study from the Netherlands. Mimicry creates bonds between people.

4. Sweet Treats
Leaving candy with the check can result in a higher tip. One study found that tips increase by about 20 percent when servers give diners two pieces of chocolate along with the bill.

5. Pay With Plastic
Diners who use credit cards instead of cash to pay their bills are more likely to leave a more generous tip.


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