• An Australian woman who stole a kiss from Prince Harry back in 2015 and has proposed to him three times is flying to London for the royal wedding this weekend and will stand outside the ceremony in full bridal gown. 
  • A new study claims that 25% of Americans rarely venture outside and spend most of their existence indoors. 
  • Now we hear that Meghan Markle's dad will skip the royal wedding to have a medical procedure, following his heart attack. 
  • The judge has set a September sentencing date for Bill Cosby. The 24th and 25th, if you're marking your calendar. 
  • Prince William and Kate's kids, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, will be part of the royal wedding on Saturday. 
  • Former U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover and his mother sustained minor injuries allegedly inflicted by his wife. She allegedly began yelling at him - calling him a "loser" and cursing at him - after his less than stellar third round performance. 
  • Amazon is offering extra discounts to their Prime Members at Whole Foods stores. 
  • Starbucks has announced that now anyone can use its restrooms, even if they haven't bought anything. 
  • Papa John's has started selling extra-large jugs of its signature garlic sauce. Each jug of garlic sauce is 8 pounds and costs $20. 
  • Ronda Rousey says now that she's been married a year, a pregnancy could be in the near future.


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