On this date in 1789, the very first inaugural ball was held in New York in honor of President and Mrs. George Washington. It was the only time a president couldn't blame his problems on his predecessor.
  • Several of the opponents claimed that the ball was under-inflated. 
  • Martha Washington had the distinct advantage of not having to worry about wearing what she wore last time. 
  • That's one thing about our presidents -- they've always had balls. Big formal ones. In later years, they've had a lot of balls. 
  • Initially, the colonists wanted to make George the King of America, but he declined. He said the only time he'd say "King me" was in checkers. 
  • They not only dressed up, but George even had his teeth varnished for the occasion. 

The American Medical Association was founded on this date in 1847, after 9 out of 10 doctors agreed. It would have been founded the day before, but of course, that was Wednesday and all the doctors were out playing golf.

On this date in 1947, Kraft Television Theater premiered. As you would expect, most of their shows were pretty cheesy.

In 1982, unemployment hit an all-time high of 9.2%. Remember back when that seemed high? Times were so tough, even the mafia laid off 7 judges.

On this date in 1985, Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth announces plans to institute mandatory drug testing for all baseball personnel except major-league players. Everyone except the players? What -- are you concerned about that grounds crew?


We're already 7 days into May.

Mother's Day is this Sunday. That out-of-state mom should have a card in the mail by now. You may be too late for brunch reservations.

Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks (and we checked if he was still with the team five minutes ago) turns 29 today.

The just-married Aidy Bryant from SNL turns 31 today.

Singer-songwriter Eagle Eye Cherry turns the big 5-0. His name is still Eagle Eye, but he does use readers. He plans a quiet birthday with his sister, Rootin'-Tootin' Raspberry and his brother, Goofy Grape.

Robbie Knievel turns 56 today. I heard he's a pretty nice guy, despite being the son of Evil. He doesn't blow out his candles, he jumps over his cake on a motorcycle.

Michael E. Knight, who played "Tad the Cad" on All My Children, turns 59 today. These days, he's less of a cad and more of a Tad, whatever that means.
  • It's so much better when your nickname rhymes with your name. I mean, like "Michael"... what are you going to be? Michael the Cycle? 
  • He'd probably still be Tad, if they hadn't canceled the show. 
  • How he had that nickname and didn't enter politics is beyond me.


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