Guys, you can get to know her faster by a brief palm reading:

First, the thumb.
If the top is bigger than the bottom of the thumb (look for the dividing line), then she is strong-willed. She likes to have control and make all the decisions. If the bottom is bigger, then she is controlled by logic and doesn't like to take risks, proceed with caution.

Next, her fingertips.
We're looking for "pointed" or "square" fingertips. Pointed figertips means your dealing with a dreamer. She lives for the moment and is looking for someone just as wild. Square fingertips means practicality. Don't plan on slipping anything past her. The romantic encounters may be bland, though.

Finally, her hands.
Soft hands means she's a lover of art. She'll take a museum over dinner and a movie. You need to be a bit more creative for this woman. Course hands means a woman with intense personality. She may lack tact, and may be a bit too forward. Her honesty may be a bit overwhelming.


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