It's still Be Kind to Animals Week -- Men's Health sniffs out the stats on the creatures that keep you company: 

78% of men currently own a pet
3% of men have never owned an animal in their lives
4% of men keep a reptile in their personal zoo
A dog is the animal the average guy is most likely to keep around
Labrador retriever is men's favorite breed
19% of men have dressed their pets up for Halloween or Christmas
69% of men give their pets gifts on birthdays and holidays
15% of men keep a picture of their pet on their desk at work
10% of men have been told they look like their pet
72% of men say they'd risk their lives to save their pets
73% of men think their furry pals would return the favor
20% of men have used their pet to try to pick up women
78% say the gambit worked
15% of men say they would put their pet's health before their own if money was tight
46% of men have been interrupted during sex by a nosy pet
59% of married men would want their pet if they got divorced
46% of men would seek visitation rights if they lost custody
50% of men have had a pet run away
35% of lost cats have returned home on their own
5% of lost dogs have returned home on their own
7 hours of additional exercise is spend each week, due to walks with Fido
165 is the number of words a dog can understand
2 year old child's IQ is equivalent to the average mutt's
5% of cat owners have tried to train their cats to use the toilet
Tiger is the exotic pet the average guy wants to own
Scooby-Doo is the celebrity pet men would want to pal around with most
58% of men would refuse an evacuation order if they couldn't bring their pet
68% of men say they've buried a pet in the backyard
25% of those grave diggers held an impromptu funeral
7% of pet owners have made financial provisions for their pet in their will
45% of men think they'll be reunited with their pets in the afterlife


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