Do you like to walk around naked? Well, here's the scoop from Men's Health and its raw data about nudity:
  • 44% of men say they sleep naked and not just in the summer
  • 61% say snoozing nude makes their partner want to have sex more often
  • 19% of men have soaked up some sun on a nude beach
  • 19% of those beach goers said they went just to ogle the bikini-less bodies
  • 60% of guys say they've been nude while hanging out at home
  • 15 years old is the average age a guy saw his first nonfamily breast in the flesh
  • 22% of men where just 12 years old when he saw his first nonfamily breast in the flesh
  • 50% of men say showering in high school gym class made them uncomfortable
  • 20% of guys say they were so freaked out by showering in high school gym class they never hit the showers
  • 50% of guys say they find partial nudity far more titillating than a blast of full frontal
  • 76% of men think most public "nip-slips" are intentional
  • 50% of guys have played strip poker
  • 30% of men have streaked in public
  • 14% of men say a former flame has naked pictures of them
  • 7% of men say they'd be flattered if the pics wound up online
  • 70% of men say they've been flashed by a girl gone wild
  • 10% of men say they've returned the favor to the girl gone wild
  • 31% of men say their dads kept a stash of nudie mags in the house
  • Face is the first body part men look at when they're show nude pictures of a woman
  • School is the setting of most anxiety dreams about being nude in public
  • PBS was the first television station to show nudity


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