Born On This Day...

In 1806 Jane Means Appleton Pierce, wife of President Franklin Pierce
In 1821 Canadian prime minister, Sir John Joseph Caldwell Abbott (1891-92)
In 1831 Manufacturer, Clement Studebaker (wagons & carriages)
In 1832 Irish estate manager, Charles Boycott (tenants "boycotted" him)
In 1838 Inventor, William H. Perkin (first artificial dye)
In 1858 Publisher, Adolph Simon Ochs (New York Times)
In 1862 Nurse, Jane Delano (mobilized Red Cross nurses during WWII)
In 1898 Inventor, Christian K. Nelson (Eskimo Pie)
In 1912 Bandleader, Paul Weston (Danny Kaye Show) [d: 9-20-96]
In 1917 Chess Records founder, Leonard Chess [d: 10-16-69]
In 1921 Actor, Gordon MacRae (Oklahoma!, Carousel) [d: 1-24-86]
In 1921 Commentator, Earl Nightengale (voice of Sky King) [d: 3-25-89]
In 1922 Writer, Jack Kerouac (Dharma Bums, On the Road) [d: 10-21-69]
In 1922 Former AFL-CIO president, Lane Kirkland [d: 8-14-99]
In 1922 Actress, Helen Parrish (Our Gang, Hour Glass) [d: 2-22-59]
In 1923 Astronaut, Wally Schirra (Sigma VII, Gemini VI, Apollo VII) [d: 5-3-07]
In 1925 Bicyclist, Louison Bobet (Tour de France 1953-55) [d: 3-13-83]
In 1926 Actress/panelist, Hildy Parks (To Tell the Truth) [d: 10-7-04]
In 1927 Argentine president, Raul Alfonsin (1983-89) [d: 3-31-09]
In 1928 Playwright, Edward Albee (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) [d: 9-16-16]
In 1930 Actor, Scoey Mitchell (Barefoot in the Park, Justin-Rhoda) (90)
In 1931 Actor, William "Billy" Thomas Jr. (Buckwheat-Our Gang) [d: 10-10-80]
In 1932 Civil rights leader, Andrew Young (former mayor of Atlanta) (88)
In 1933 Actress, Barbara Feldon (Agent 99-Get Smart) (87)
In 1936 Broadcast journalist, Lloyd Dobyns (NBC) (84)
In 1936 National Book Award winner, Virginia Hamilton (Zeely) [d: 2-19-02]
In 1938 Auto racer, Johnny Rutherford (3-time Indy winner) (82)
In 1940 Singer, Al Jarreau (We're In This Love Together, Moonlighting) [d: 2-12-17]
In 1942 Singer/guitarist, Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) [d: 1-28-16]
In 1942 Singer, Brian O'Hara (The Fourmost) [d: 6-27-99]
In 1943 Football player, Verlon Biggs (Jets) [d: 6-7-94]
In 1946 Singer/actress, Liza Minnelli (Sterile Cuckoo, Cabaret) (74)
In 1947 Senator, Mitt Romney (70th Governor of Massachusetts) (73)
In 1948 Football player, Mark Moseley (Redskins) (72)
In 1948 Singer/songwriter, James Taylor (Fire & Rain) (72)
In 1949 Drummer, Mike Gibbins (Badfinger) [d: 10-4-05]
In 1949 Actress, Sara Lane (The Virginian) (71)
In 1949 Keyboardist, Bill Payne (Little Feat) (71)
In 1949 Broadcast journalist, Mary Alice Williams (NBC) (71)
In 1950 Actor, Jon Provost (Timmy-Lassie, Uncle Steve-New Lassie) (70)
In 1951 Actress, Caren Kaye (Blansky's Beauties, It's Your Move) (69)
In 1952 Actor, Julius Carry (Bill-Two Guys And A Girl) [d: 8-19-08]
In 1956 Bassist/songwriter, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) (64)
In 1956 Baseball player, Dale Murphy (Braves) (398 homeruns) (64)
In 1957 Singer, Marlon Jackson (Jackson 5, The Jacksons) (63)
In 1957 Actor, Jerry Levine (Born On The Fourth Of July) (63)
In 1958 Playmate/model, Debra Jensen (January-1978) (62)
In 1960 Actor, Jason Beghe (Picket Fences, Melrose Place) (60)
In 1960 Actor, Courtney B. Vance (Rev. Henry Biggs-The Preacher's Wife) (60)
In 1962 Actress, Julia Campbell (Ryan's Hope, Men Behaving Badly) (58)
In 1962 Baseball player, Darryl Strawberry (Mets, Dodgers) (58)
In 1962 Actor, Titus Welliver (Brooklyn South) (58)
In 1963 Auto racer, John Andretti [d: 1-30-19]
In 1963 U.S. synchronized swimmer, Candy Costie (Olympic-Gold-1984) (57)
In 1968 Actor, Aaron Eckhart (Erin Brockovich, The Dark Knight) (52)
In 1969 Guitarist, Graham Coxon (Blur) (51)
In 1980 Actor, John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex-One Life to Live) (40)
In 1982 Actor, Samm Levine (Neal-Freaks & Geeks) (38)
In 1984 Actress, Jaimie Alexander (Blindspot, Thor) (36)
In 1986 Singer/guitarist, Danny Jones (McFly) (34)
In 1988 Singer, Tyler Ward (Honestly) (32)
In 1992 Reality star, Catelynn Baltierra (Teen Mom) (28)
In 1992 Singer, B. Smyth ("Twerkoholic," "Leggo") (28)
In 1993 Singer, Anna Clendening (America's Got Talent) (27)
In 2000 Rapper, Lil Sipp (20)
In 2003 Actress, Malina Weissman (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Supergirl) (17)


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