• The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Summer Games have officially been postponed for one year.
  • Amazon has suspended almost 4,000 seller accounts over price gouging.
  • "Wonder Woman 1984" is the latest Hollywood blockbuster to leave its original theatrical release date as the coronavirus continues to spread globally. The superhero flick staring Gal Gadot will now arrive in cinemas August 14, instead of its initial June 5 date.
  • How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces? Traces of new coronavirus were found on surfaces in cruise-ship cabins for as many as 17 days after passengers left.
  • In Kentucky, a couple got into a shouting match with employees of a grocery store after they tried to buy 23 cases-552 cans -- of Mountain Dew.
  • Speaking of grocery stores, went to the store the other day and brought along our own cloth bags so we could save the earth and not use paper or plastic. The grocery folks no longer will touch your bags out of fears of you know what, so they ask you to bag the groceries yourself.
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar's husband has been hospitalized due to the coronavirus.
  • Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria says that they dated for six weeks before Alec finally kissed her. Up until then, he'd just shake her hand.
  • Jennifer Lopez's ex-boyfriend David Cruz has died of heart disease. He was 51. Lopez and Cruz got together in high school when she was just 15 and dated for 10 years until just before her starring role in Selena.
  • Olive Garden has moved to take out or delivery items only.
  • They say that gas could hit 99-cents a gallon in some parts of the country.
  • In Taiwan, a man who was supposed to be doing 14-days mandatory self-isolation at home was caught out clubbing and fined the equivalent of 33,000.
  • Amazon has suspended 3900 vendors for price-gouging on their platform.
  • Cam Newton was officially released by the Panthers yesterday.
  • 76% of broadband households say it would be very difficult to be without broadband service, a finding likely to grow stronger given the public health emergency mandating stay-at-home period.


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