(from Men's Health)
  1. Her sexual past. As long as she didn't pick up anything permanently communicable, think of it this way: You're the beneficiary of years of practice.
  2. Your parents' fallibility. Your therapist is tired of hearing about the forced French horn lessons. Get over it, will ya?
  3. Your own fallibility. Sometimes sucking at something but doing it anyway is fun (think: dancing).
  4. The knowledge that life has more unexpected twists and turns than Donald Trump tweets. Denying it only makes it worse. Right, Mr. President?
  5. That college rival/ex-girlfriend/ex-boss/jerk-who-cut-you-off-in-traffic you still resent. They don't deserve that level of devotion from you, do they?
  6. Your lousy childhood. If you had lived in 1650, you'd have had a one-in-three chance of making it to 18. Okay - so Ernie and Bert were your babysitter. Consider it a privilege.
  7. The neighbors' holiday party. It's kind of like Canada: They serve crappy beer, they're boring, and they're always watching hockey. But attending creates a peaceful border. Suck it up.
  8. Monday morning. Nothing makes for a killer Friday like a productive Monday.
  9. Your rock-star fantasy. You know what comes with groupies? The clap.
  10. Your girlfriend's "flaw." Cut her a break. She endures your quirks, maybe even indulges them. Return the favor, and throw in a Hermes bag.
  11. The daily grind. Defend your priorities with a firm hand, and other people will stop setting them for you.


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