(Popular Mechanics) You've probably heard this before, but using unsecured wi-fi makes your data vulnerable. It may be tempting to log on to free public wi-fi, but try to refrain from using it. If you find yourself in a position where you absolutely need it, follow these tips for secure browsing:
  • Use unsecured wi-fi sparingly and refrain from accessing personal information such as bank and credit card accounts.
  • Don't do any online shopping or purchasing where you'll need to enter your credit card credentials or other sensitive information.
  • Turn off automatic connectivity so you're in control of when and where you log on.
  • Remember to turn your bluetooth off whenever you're not using it. If you usually leave yours on, the data on your device is open to anyone with their own Bluetooth-enabled device. All they have to do is connect and they can access your info.
  • Consider investing in a virtual private network such as ExpressVPN.


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